Lose Weight With Volumetrics!


How To Lose Weight With Volumetrics?


Are you fed up of your current diet that is depriving you of the foods you love? Discovering Volumetrics will be a sign of relief. Volumetrics is a way of eating that makes you pump up your diet’s volume and lets you not just enjoy tasty stuff but also makes you eat lots of it and still lose kilos! Surprised? Keep reading more about it!

Volumetrics diet

It is all about calories per bite. When you choose foods with fewer calories per bite, your portion size will grow and your overall calorie count will decrease. This is what Barbara Rolls, the brain behind Volumetrics has to say. She has come written a book called The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet. When you follow Volumetrics, you end up having a satisfying meal.

Barbara Rolls has spent 20 years in studying the science of satiety (feeling of fullness after a meal) and how it affects hunger and obesity. Research has to say that if you feel full after a meal, you are more likely to stick to that diet.

Staples of Volumetrics plan

The foods that are an important part of this diet are water rich foods such as brothy soups, veggies, fruits, whole grains, lean meat, low-fat dairy and fish. Such foods are not just helpful in controlling hunger by filling you up but they also make sure that you consume fewer calories. Foods having high amounts of fat or sugar are less filling and have more calories in every bite.

The trick is to reduce consumption of low volume foods and eat the ones that have a high-volume. When you do so, you would double or even triple your portions and still lose kilos! However, volumizing your meals does not mean to simply pile on veggies on to the next serving of lasagna or adding in extra leaves of lettuce in your cheese burger!

Are you curious to know how to pile on stuff onto your plate and still lose weight? Check out the rules of Volumetrics!

Add fruits and veggies to your meal

fruits-and-veggies- ornish diet

You may feel that all the chopping you got to do will be time consuming but this is not so. You can prep them side by side when you are with your family. You can also get fresh veggies that have been washed, peeled and chopped. Frozen veggies are also a great idea!

Eat before a meal

Yes, you need to fill yourself with a low calorie soup as it will stave off your hunger pangs. You can make it easy by making a bigger batch of broth and then reheating a little for each serving. You can have boiled beans and frozen veggies ready too!

Let your eyes get satisfied

Your plate should be full! But why? It is because before you take a bite, your mind registers the satisfaction you will get from the meal. When you realize that you will not leave the table hungry, he chances of eating the wrong foods is less. So, fill your plate with air-filled or water-filled foods.

Include protein

Protein, as always said is the key to satiety. However, you will add up on calories when you don’t choose your food wisely. Go in for beans, tofu and lean cuts of chicken, beef or fish.

Wasn’t this glimpse of Volumetrics  interesting?

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