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Waist Trainers Or Shape Wear

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Hi Guys! 🙂  Wassup? How is the gearing up for summer going on? Three months of heat and sweat after such wonderful winters is really not so welcoming. But it’s a season of good news for weight losers as the heat adds to your weight loss, of course with the diet and exercise, re-read the line, it says “adds” to the weight loss.So since you have already decided to kill it this summer with awesome workouts here is something that has been in the market for a long time but is now widely used as a supporting weight loss aid, actually inch loss aid!

We are talking about waist trainers today, no not the trainer at the gym who makes you kill it in the gym and makes you do crunches, this is something that you need to wear for major part of your day and it is available in various sizes and coverage. Kim Kardashian is supposed to be wearing one a lot… to the gym!


What is  known as waist trainers in the west is known as Shapewear or waist clincher in India. So it’s easily available with these two names here, most of the shopkeepers would be able to give it to you but the name waist trainers might send them into thinking you are asking completely different thing. Waist trainers are mostly used by women after pregnancy to make their core stronger and compressed. But now with obesity on the rise, these are used commercially by women and men alike to reduce the appearance of a bloated stomach.

What they do exactly is compress the stomach and waist area and with a balanced diet and regular exercise it helps to shrink the waist, what more could we ask for?! Its the same as Europe style corsets which were famous during old days.  But here are some tricks:

  • You need to train your core, you cannot wear the clincher one fine day and be happy with it… it takes efforts and perseverance from your side, its not as easy as wearing a corset and getting a slim waist!
  • Practice wearing it, wear it for 2-3 hours a day and gradually increase the time by an hour, thus extending it to wearing the corset for the whole day.
  • Wear it on the 1st clasp( for the clasp type of clincher) and when the fitting loosens then move on to the next clasp, in case of the spandex material don’t buy a very tight size, wear a size that is comfortably tight and then move on to smaller sizes once the fitting seems loose.

Doesn’t it all seem to be too easy to be true? Well yea, there is a catch! Here are some of the things you will face when waist training:

waist trainer

  • Your stomach feels constricted and you cannot eat as you like.
  • The chances of you having an acid reflux are really high.
  • Breathing is going to be not as easy, especially when you exhale.
  • You may feel either gassy or suffer from acidity.
  • There have been claims of contraction of organs (No idea how far they are true)

Wondering why I can tell these things for sure? Well, I have used a spandex shapewear in the past to reduce my tummy, and it was excruciating! I have no idea why would people even go for that option?! I was always gassy, never hungry and often suffered from acidity 🙁 Maybe wearing it for the whole day from day 1 was the reason. I never paid much attention to instructions…

But this has to be said, it did help me lose an inch or two. The pains you take to lose inches is crazy :p

But this cannot be used as a replacement for diet and exercise, thus the actual use of a corset is questioned, as was it the hard work or was it the corset…  But if you really want an hourglass figure, its worth a shot… after all its been used since 18th century, notice the way women had slender waist then? And men.. don’t fret, you can also find one of these for you, since the rise of the beer belly, waist trainers have made a way into your closet too… go for it!

waist manager maleIn my opinion with proper use, this one is worth a shot, thumbs up!

This is Pooja, Ciao 🙂

Are you going to give Waist Trainers or Shape Wear a try?

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