Tips To Wake Up To A Happy Morning!


How To Wake Up To A Happy Morning?

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Every dawn is a new beginning! It gives you the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. When you wake up excited, focus your mind, give your body the right nutrition, you are bound to have a pretty day! However, on the other hand, if the beginning of your day is rushed and filled with negativity, you are not building the foundation of success by any means.

Here are some handy tips to wake up to a happy morning!

wake up to a happy morning

Wake up with a smile

As soon as your alarm rings in the morning, try to smile. Yes, it won’t be a natural smile and may seem awkward but it has been found that this fills your morning with a lot of positive energy. So, even if it is forced just go ahead and smile! Just think that the morning is a gift of happiness sent by the Almighty and accept it with gratitude

Start your with breathing right and meditating

As soon as you are up, it is suggested that you take 2 minutes for breathing properly. It can be as simple as inhaling through the nose for 3 secs and then exhaling through the mouth for 3 seconds. You will start feeling an energy awakening in your body. You can then start meditating. It can be a simple ritual such as chanting Om or playing a recorded mantra for 10 minutes. This will boost you with positive energy.

meditation-for fitness

Decide what you will do during the day

Place your left hand on your heart and set 3 to 5 things that you are going to do for the day. This way, even before your day actually starts, you will be all excited about it as you can see that you are going to utilize the day to do something constructive and creative.

Spend time for yourself

Yes, you read that right! Mornings should not be rushy! Take time out for yourself, you can take an hour’s time before you actually start the day! You would need to wake up early though. Your morning me time ritual can be a relaxing bath or making a healthy breakfast for yourself. Letting yourself do what you like and feel what is good for you without judging yourself can be self-curing!

Get rid of self-criticism

If you have decided to do something hereafter, like wake up early, it does not mean that you will do it every day without an exception. There can be days when this won’t happen and that is perfectly alright. There can be mornings when you want a little bit of extra sleep as you have had a long day or were traveling or are just exhausted. It is essential to give your body the amount of rest it needs. Remember that we are humans and not robots. You need to be patient.

Have a bedtime ritual

Like the manner you wake up orchestrates your day ahead, the way you wind up your evening dictates how you sleep and a get up the next day. It is all interlinked! Have bedtime ritual. You can probably write down one thing what you are grateful for before going off to sleep. Let it be the first thing you read when you wake up next morning. It will remind you of how good it is to be alive and wake up to enjoy what life has to offer.

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