Walking 10,000 Steps A Day For Fitness!


Walking 10,000 Steps A Day For Fitness!

To lose weight the right way you need to rev up your metabolism. A slow metabolism leads to excessive calories and eventually results in weight gain. There are many morning mistakes you do that slow down your metabolism and one amongst them is the absence of a workout. Working out is really important, be it in any form, and doing so in the morning is the best for kick starting your metabolism.

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Walking is the easiest form of exercise that can be done any time of the day. You don’t require any special equipment for it too, just determination in your mind and a clear path to walk on. On an average an individual walks about 3000 to 4000 steps a day but it will be immensely good for your health if you can increase the count to 10,000 steps. Doctors advise every individual who wants to be fit to walk 10,000 steps a day.

Top Exercises To Lose Weight walking

Here are some really interesting health benefits of walking 10,000 steps every day:

1) You burn flat 400 calories by walking 10,000 steps each day.

2) Walking prevents your brain from shrinking.

3) It prevents osteoporosis.

4) It helps boost the level of vitamin D as you are exposed to sunlight when you walk outdoors.

5) Walking helps in toning up your muscles, arms and legs.

6) Walking is also known to keep your heart healthy and strong.

7) Walking helps in keeping you mentally and physically strong.

8) The risk of cancer, stroke and diabetes gets reduced.

9) Walking helps reduce the risk of an early death by 30%.

10) Walking helps in improving immunity.

11) It drastically lowers the risk of diseases.

12) It is a beneficial exercise for those who want to reduce their weight.

13) Walking can take the place of routine exercise. You can finish off your errands by simply walking to where you need to go and at the same time burn calories.

14) Walking sharpens your memory.

15) An increased walking stamina can increase the stamina needed for physical work.

16) It helps in keeping your energy levels high.

17) Walking makes you feel happy and helps you stay healthy.

18) The overall blood circulation gets improved when you walk.

19) You mood gets lightened up when you move out for a stroll in beautiful surroundings.

20) Walking also improves the quality of your sleep.

So many health benefits of walking 10,000 steps a day!

After Dinner Walk For Weight Loss

Even a 30 minute walk each day is beneficial but walking 10,000 steps each day is just the best.

Now, walking alone seems to do wonders for most people. However, studies show that a daily walking regime coupled with a healthy diet goes a long way in bringing down those extra kilos and keeping the body healthy. Mobile health and doctor consultation app Lybrate can help you get in touch with the right dietician. Consult a dietician for free on Lybrate.com.

Here are more tips to make sure that you are able to walk 10,000 tips each day:

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Try parking your car a little away from your office or the supermarket.
  • Walk to the local grocery store instead of taking your car if it is at a walking distance.
  • If there is a park in your locality, do go there for a walk.

Don’t miss out even a single opportunity to get on your feet and walk, as it is beneficial for your health.

Dr. A.Hussain has elaborated about the benefits of walking on lybrate.com. For more on exercise and nutrition, you can consult him and get your problems resolved. There are more doctors on Lybrate who can help you with obesity and weight loss related issues. Now consulting the doctor is just a click away!

Hope this post has been useful!

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