What Walking Can Do For Health?

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Find Out What Walking Can Do For Health!

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What do you think is the most ordinary thing that we humans can do? Walking, right? This activity is taken completely for granted by most of us. According to a French study, we should start paying heed to the benefits of walking.

What Walking Can Do For Health?

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Walking has a remarkable effect on adults over the age of 65. In a 12 year long study, it was found that walking regularly for just 15 mins a day reduced the rate of mortality by 22%. This percentage was even higher in those who had more activity in their daily routine.

The lead researcher said that age is not an excuse to say no to exercise. It is a well known fact that regular physical activity has a better effect on health than medical treatment.

The result of the study is not surprising

As it is quite basic to us humans, walking has been studied extensively for its effects on our body. There are some people who don’t look upon walking as an aerobic exercise and hence ignore the benefits. Generally, aerobic exercise is something that stimulates the heart and respiratory rates to pump more oxygen to muscles. Even an easy stroll will do that! The activity becomes more aerobic if you walk faster.

When there is an increase in cardiovascular, respiratory and circulatory functions, nutrients go where they are needed to support the exercise. Energy gets used up instead of getting stored and your muscles, bones and organs are strengthened. You see, our body is meant to be on the move.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle that omits sufficient exercise, it leads to illnesses. Lack of physical activity has given rise to ‘sedentary death syndrome’. This condition is actually very real and is a huge health issue that leads to several chronic diseases and many premature deaths every year.

Simply put: Use it or lose it!

Walking Outdoors

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Walking is for all! In obese children it has shown positive results. Apart from that interval training is said to be beneficial. You can weave in fast walking in a slow walk and improve your fitness levels. This is better than walking at the same pace.

Outdoor walking is good for mental health. Nature helps in improving mood, reduces stress and lowers depression. Sunshine provides the much needed vitamin D. However, walking indoors is also not a bad idea. Indoors or outdoors, just make sure that you walk!

Why walking is essential?

Walking helps strengthening the bones and connective tissue and increase blood and nutrient supplies. The Arthritis Foundation says that if you don’t walk, your joints get deprived of life-giving fluid and this can accelerate deterioration.

According the American Heart Association, walking helps in lowering the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and stroke. You should do at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day and totally 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 mins of vigourous activity a week. You can break down the 30 min of walk to two 15 min walks. Start slowly and build endurance.

Also, if you have trouble sleeping, you should consider walking as it will help you fall asleep faster and make you sleep for longer.

Protect yourself from diseases and live longer by including walking in your daily routine. You only need a comfortable pair of shoes for it!

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