Walking Injuries – What Are They?


What are the common walking injuries?

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You must be under the impression that running, weightlifting and playing football can cause injuries and not walking. In spite of being a low-impact exercise, walking can also cause injuries if you are not very careful.

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Injuries can range from blisters to tendinitis but that does not mean that you should give up walking. Experts are of the opinion that the benefits of walking as an exercise outweigh the risks.

Have a look at the common walking injuries and tips on how to manage or avoid them.


The chief cause of blisters is friction due to ill-fitting shoes and sweaty socks. Blisters are small but these sacs filled with fluid can ruin a walk hike or run. The other important thing to note is to ensure that you don’t pop the blisters. It may seem very tempting but popping blisters is a strict no-no. Experts say that puncturing the skin can open up the door for bacteria and worsen your condition.

What to do: For a minor blister, you can simply tie a bandage and continue to walk. However, when the blister is larger, you should switch to another activity till it heals up completely. If you want to avoid blisters, it is suggested that you wear shoes that fit you properly and choose socks that absorb moisture.

Plantar Fasciitis

The inflammation of fascia, a tissue that connects your heel bone to the base of your toes can cause a lot of pain. In milder cases, the pain is known to disappear during a walk. Walking may initially be uncomfortable for several minutes but then the pain will go away for the remainder of the walk. If the condition is more severe, you may feel the symptoms escalating during the walk.

What to do: The doctor will prescribe you medicines and externally you can apply ice to the area for 20 mins for a minimum of 3 times day. This way your pain will get eased. Regular stretching or physical therapy can also ease the pain. You can also support the arch with the help of arch supports.

Shin splints

Pain and inflammation in the inner edge of the shinbone is diagnosed as shin splints. The pain can either be sharp or dull and throbbing. It can occur both during and after working out.

Most often, shin splints are associated with running but walking can also cause them. Shin splints occur due to overuse or doing too much too soon. Ill-fitting shoes are another common cause of shin splints. The pain is common with those who have flat feet.

What to do: Combine rest with ice and medicines prescribed by the doctor can help in calming the inflammation and getting rid of the condition. In order to ensure that your pain does not return, be easy with your exercise program (walking included).


An inflammation in the tendon is called tendinitis. The condition can be due to tight calf muscles, walking too far or very fast. It can trigger swelling, pain and irritation. Depending on which tendon is affected, tendinitis can make your walking workout almost impossible.

What to do: Do not walk with the pain. Take rest and apply ice. Consult the doctor and take anti-inflammatory medicines to ease the pain.


This condition occurs when there is pain in the five bones in the area under your toes around the foot’s ball. The pain can be burning or sharp. The causes of metatarsalgia can be anything from torn ligaments and joint inflammation to ill-fitting shoes and calluses. If the pain gets worse, you need to stop and take rest.

What to do: Treatment is based on the cause. So, you need to buy shoes that fit you properly or insert arch supports or soak your feet to soften and remove the calluses. It is suggested that you switch to swimming, biking or use the elliptical machine when you have this problem as the pressure will be off the ball of the foot.


The bottom line

Preventive measures will ensure that you stay protected from walking injuries and can enjoy long walks but if you ever get any kind of injury, head straight to the doctor.

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