FAQs About Walking Right To Lose Weight

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FAQs About Walking Right To Lose Weight

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So many people choose walking for weight loss but most of them are confused about how to get started. Here are some answers to FAQs about walking right to lose weight:

how to walk for weight loss

1) Should I buy special shoes?

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Nope! Walking does not require special shoes. Shoes with shock absorbents are needed for running. However, if there has been any past foot or knee injury, it would be advisable to consult the doctor in case there is a need for supporting your ankle. Apart from that you must check whether the shoe fits you snugly and is not tight or loose. You need to walk in them and check if they are comfortable enough. However, flip-flops or open sandals are not the right footwear.

2) Can I jog in intervals in place of walking continuously?

Yes, you can! First warm up with a short walk and then start jogging slowly or running, whatever you like more. If you walk for 15 mins, run for 5 mins. But after you are done with jogging, you need to start walking at once because you prevent your legs from getting tired. Taking a break will make running the next time difficult.

3) Can I listen to music while walking?

Well, of course you can! Find some peppy tracks and get going! It is a great way to ward off dullness and helps in motivating you. However, when you are walking on the road, you must pay attention to the vehicles and pedestrians. Check out the playlist for workouts here – Click! 

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4) Is it good to have company?

Not every time. Walking with a partner is a good moral support but you must not turn your brisk walking into a chit-chatting stroll. When you have a close friend along you are bound to gossip and there goes your focused workout. Also depending on a walking partner is a bad idea because if they don’t turn up you will not too.

5) Is walking on tar roads harmful for the knees?

A lot of fitness experts are of the opinion that running on a tar road for a long time period can harm the knees. This is because the surface is too hard for the knees. It is better to take precaution even if you are walking especially if you are older. Why don’t you search for a park or a surface that is not made out of tar? If you are lucky enough to find a beach, it would be simply awesome!

6) What should I do if I have had a knee surgery or any other lower limb surgery/injury?

I stress again that if you have had any injury or surgery in the past, please do not start your walking workout without consulting the doctor. If you don’t do it you will make matters worse. Get the doctor’s opinion and also a second opinion to ensure that you are fit to walk or not. Try walking only on a soft surface.

All the best and enjoy your equipment free and fuss free walking workout.

Hope I have answered most of the FAQs about walking right to lose weight!

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