Ward Off Anxiety With Lifestyle Changes


Ward Off Anxiety With Lifestyle Changes Mentioned here!

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Anxiety is often not acknowledged by many. It is understood only by those people who are suffering from it and probably only they can empathize with you. There is a rise in anxiety levels as most of us tend to live in isolation. No prizes for guessing that this is due to the internet. For once we feel that we are more connected through social media but the opposite of that is true.

Now how do we reduce the anxiety levels in our lives? By going back to our roots! Our roots exist with nature. The more we live with nature, the better equipped we become to ward off anxiety.

Here’s how to ward off anxiety with lifestyle changes:

1) Bring nature home

how beneficial are houseplants

To ward off anxiety, you must always have the following things in and around your home:

  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Sea shells
  • Water fountain
  • Wind chimes
  • Crystals
  • Natural light

The above natural elements are helpful in keeping us more balanced and calm than living in an environment surrounded by furniture and technology. You should decide what brings happiness in your life! It is said that it is our outer environment that influences our inner state; the reverse is also true. If you live in a home that is cluttered with items that give you just a neutral response you are not going to be free of anxiety.

Whatever you want to keep at home should spark a joy. If not, you better get rid of it.

2) Find something or someone to take care of

woman-n-dog prevent depression naturally

There is nothing as joyful as having a dog that treats you like a king every time you reach home. Dogs are great for alleviating anxiety and this is why they are used as service animals.

However, if you cannot keep a dog due to some reason, you can nurture a garden or simply plant vegetables. Taking good care of the plants can go a long way in alleviating anxiety.

3) Eat more of fresh foods

fruits-and-veggies- ornish diet

You need to eat natural and healthy foods that are unprocessed. Diet is one of the biggest contributors to anxiety. When you eat salty and sugary foods it can make you feel lethargic, anxious and unmotivated. On the contrary, consuming fresh fruits and veggies can make you sharp and inspire you to work out and adopt healthy habits to keep anxiety at bay.

4) Mingle with people

ways to ward off winter laziness- friends chatting

Research says that living all alone is the most common cause of anxiety. We need a social life and companionship in order to feel healthy, happy and free of anxiety. If you are away from family do make sure that you have a roommate along. Go out and meet people. You may find some really amazing people this way. The levels of your anxiety will also reduce. You can share your thoughts and what you feel with your friends.

Do try to make the above lifestyle changes and see the reduction in your anxiety levels.

Hope you found this post on how to Ward Off Anxiety With Lifestyle Changes useful!

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