The Way You Argue Can Affect Your Health!


The Way You Argue Can Affect Your Health – Find out!

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Now, arguments are a common part of every relationship. The way you argue can affect your health! If you get into a fury of frustration during an argument, you better watch your blood pressure. If your upper lip is stiff you should watch your back.

Research has been done on the behaviour of couples during a spat. It suggests that anger outbursts predict cardiovascular problems later on. However, it should also be noted that shutting down emotionally during a conflict raises the chances of musculoskeletal ailments like stiff muscles or a bad back.

The study’s senior author says that the findings have revealed a new level of how emotions are associated with health and how one’s behaviour predicts the development of adverse health issues.

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Found stronger link in husbands

20 years of data has been used in the study. Factors taken into consideration are age, exercise, education, smoking, caffeine, alcohol consumption. On the whole, the link between emotions and health issues was found to be more pronounced for the husbands. However, there were some correlations found in wives too. It did not take a long time for researchers to guess who would develop ailments in the near future on how they reacted to the conflicts.

Researchers say that they looked at marital conflicts that lasted for just 15 mins and could predict the development of health issues for husbands 20 years down the line based on how they behaved during the 15 minutes of the conflict.

The findings can make the hot headed people consider trying a hand at anger management sessions. On the other hand, people who tend to withdraw themselves from the argument would benefit from resisting their urge to bottle up their emotions.

Every marriage goes through rough patches. The conflicts should be dealt with in different ways. There are two kinds of people, those who explode in anger and the other ones who simply shut down. The study shows that the different emotional behaviours can fore tell the development of health problems in the long run.

Studying life of longtime couples

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The study has also looked at the inner workings of marriages that have lasted for a long time. The tracking has been done since 1989; the surviving couples are currently in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s too!

Every 5 years the couples were video recorded in laboratory settings as they discussed their life events and disagreements and enjoyment. Experts rated their interactions for lots of emotions and behaviours on the basis of facial expressions, body language, voice tone. Along with this the spouses answered questionnaires that had a detailed assessment of certain health problems.

The researchers also focused on how suppressing anger and emotions can have negative health consequences. The study looked at fear and sadness as predictors of those health outcomes. However, no significant associations could be found.

According to the study, the emotions that made people vulnerable to health issues are anger and suppressing of feelings.

Spouses who displayed anger during an argument had higher chances of developing chest pain, high BP and other cardiovascular ailments in the long run. On the other hand, the ones who bottled up their emotions were having more chances of developing backaches, muscle tension, stiff joints and necks.

All that can be advised to couples is – stop arguing and start living!

Hope you liked reading this post on how the way you argue can affect your health!

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