6 Ways for Eating Healthy While Eating Out


6 Ways for Eating Healthy While Eating Out

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Diwali preps are on and as we go out in the market, we see most of the people wearing masks hanging around their chins and enjoying food at various stalls in the market. Not only is this dangerous considering the ongoing third wave of Covid-19, but also for weight gain.

Talking about weight loss is easy but following the tips in real life can be very difficult, especially when you are eating out. I remember when I was on my weight-loss program, I had stopped eating out all together. I avoided meeting people as that meant going to cafes or lunch and eating all the junk food. Now this may be possible for a few months but is impossible to follow this throughout the life.

So after some time, I decided to be smarter about the choices I make. If you are on weight loss regime and don’t want to sacrifice your social life then you can just make smarter choice.

Here is our eating out guide – Ways for Eating Healthy While Eating Out which can ensure that you don’t falter from your plan.

Coffee Shops

When you are meeting someone for coffee then avoid the sugar laden smoothies and shakes that just add to the inches. Instead you can choose a small serving of cappuccino with ½ tsp of brown sugar. If you are craving for something icy cold then ice tea, fresh lime water, or frappe made from skimmed milk and without ice cream is a better option. Avoid sodas.

Ways for Eating Healthy While Eating Out coffee

Choose grilled or baked sandwich without cheese or salad dressing. Many of these outlets have introduced brown bread, multigrain and healthy wraps that are filling and don’t have too much calories. Avoid chips or fries.

If you feel the food at Subway is healthy, then you may be in for a ride. When you choose multigrain bread with lot of vegetables and add dressings and extra cheese to it then you are actually having more calories. The dressings and sauces that are used in the salads are laden with preservative, sugar and corn syrup that add to the calorie intake. So if you feel like having it then you can add just a little bit of low calorie dressing.


Now this cuisine includes a lot of vegetables so may consider it to be healthy but that’s far from the truth. The Chinese food that we eat in India is fried and is laden with sauces that actually add to water retention and bloating. So all you need to do is be smart in your choices. Replace the creamy sweet corn soup with clear soups or hot and sour soups, have steamed or stir fried entrees over the fried ones Fried rice or noodles should be replaced with steamed rice with vegetables and tofu/fish/ chicken. Avoid fried food and dishes prepared in coconut milk.

Ways for Eating Healthy While Eating Out oriental


When we think Italian, the first thing that pops into our mind is pasta. You can enjoy pastas without worrying about the weight but only if you have it the correct way. Choose wheat pasta prepared in tomato gravy and avoid white sauce. Add a lot of vegetables to so that you get fiber and nutrients from it. If you are pizza lover, then choose thin crust wheat base with veggies and avoid the cheese.


Whenever I go out I prefer to have sizzlers. I simply love it and it is comparatively healthy also. You can choose sizzlers with lot of vegetables, grilled paneer/soya/chicken and have it with rice. Avoid fried potatoes and vegetables. You can ask the restaurant to grill the veggies and meat instead of frying it and use less oil. Most of the restaurant can customize the dishes to suit your tastebud.

South Indian Cuisine

South Indian is considered to be complete meal but when you are on weight loss regime then you need to be careful about what you choose. Idli is one of the healthiest option but only if you have it without the coconut chutney. Some of the combinations that you can order in south Indian are- 2 idli with sambar and tomato chutney, 1 uttapam with sambar, or 1 plain dosa with sambar and tomato chutney. Avoid the vadas as they are fried and high in calories.

Ways for Eating Healthy While Eating Out south indian

North Indian

North Indian cuisine includes a lot of options but you can be a little careful and eat healthy. Instead of naan, you can choose tandoori roti. The key is to replace refined flour or maida with wheat. The gravys in the north Indian cuisine have lot of oil and cream so it is better to choose the dry preparation. If you feel like having gravy then have one gravy preparation. This means instead of ordering both- daal and butter chicken, you can choose only one preparation. Replace kaali daal with yellow daal and kadhai paneer or butter chicken with tandoori panner or tandoori chicken.

Avoid dessert if possible but if you feel like indulging then just have a bit of it and share it with everyone. The key is to control the portion size. Order food in small quantity and share it to avoid over eating. If you are going out in a small group then you can avoid the appetizers and just order the main course. Try to avoid eating out but if you cannot then restrict it to just once a week and eat out at lunch instead of dinner.

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What are your favorite Ways for Eating Healthy While Eating Out?


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