4 Ways Of Developing A Healthy Relationship With Food!


4 Ways Of Developing A Healthy Relationship With Food!

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On the road to weight loss a lot of people develop a negative attitude towards food. They start differentiating between foods, though it is good to know what is healthy and what is not, you should go overboard with it. Here are some ways of developing a healthy relationship with food.

1) Don’t say that foods are either ‘good’ or ‘bad’

girl saying no to food- food fear

While trying to develop a healthy diet it is obvious that you will avoid foods that are processed or loaded with sugar. But you should not add emotional connotations to foods in your pursuit of avoiding. Don’t judge yourself morally by what you consume like ‘I am good if I eat salad and I am bad if I have a burger’. It is true that some foods are nutritionally denser than others and you need to be realistic and reasonable when you view food on your plate. Don’t build guilt, fear or shame around food. Chips are not devils and kale is not specifically your savior. They are just two different kinds of foods with different nutritional value. But both are fuels for your body.

2) Do not ignore hunger cues

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Your body is pretty smart and this is probably why you should not ignore the hunger pangs and headaches you get at 4 pm. They are your body’s signals that it requires food. Your body tells you when it needs food to function the right way. Ignoring hunger cues will not let you function properly physically and mentally. By ignoring the hunger cues you are telling yourself that the body’s needs are not essential and it is good to avoid eating. Instead of doing so, pay attention to what your body is telling you and act that way. Doing so will make you feel better as you are honouring the specific needs of the body.

3) Eat mindfully

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Do you know that digestion begins in the mind? Cephalic phase digestive response is a process which deals with the way your senses observe what you eat via taste, smell, pleasure, satisfaction and aesthetics. You must have noticed that when you look at your favourite food, you mouth starts watering. This is cephalic phase digestive response in action. On a visual cue, you are producing more saliva and preparing your belly to receive the food.

Let us talk about the much loved concept of mindful eating. Where the sight, smell, flavour and texture of each bit is enjoyed. You chew slowly and your awareness is completely on what you are eating. You wait for each bite to go down before taking another one. You eat your meal without any distraction. This way you enjoy your meal and eat the quantity of food that you actually wanted to.

4) Don’t worry too much about not eating specific foods

macronutrients-carbs, protein, fat

The balance of the macronutrients, namely- protein, fat, and carbs in our diet plays a big role in our appetite. When the body is low in any one of the macronutrients due to some diet that isn’t working for the body, the hunger signals of the body will begin screaming to get that macronutrient. All of us need protein, carbs and healthy fat to function right. Not just that, it is our lifestyle that decides how much of the nutrients of each macronutrient we require. You need to be aware about dieting trends because there are so many fad diets getting the attention of social media these days. Those diets are just not meant for everybody, are they? Just think for yourself. You see macronutrients balance is not something like ’one size fit all’. Every individual is different. So, instead of wasting time on trendy diets, focus on foods that make you feel healthy, nourished and full.

The bottom line

Ditch the shame, guilt and fear linked with food and look at your dinner plate differently from now on!

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