6 Ways Of Green Living

Organic Food Shopping
Organic Food Shopping

Top Ways Of Green Living

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Are you someone who cares for the environment? If you are not, you better turn into one! It doesn’t mean that to be eco-friendly you have to completely change your lifestyle. You can take baby steps towards it, but you should make an effort!

Here is how you can reduce waste and live green. Discover the 6 ways of green living!

1) Reduce shopping of unwanted items

Organic Food Shopping

The best way to reduce your waste is not buying items you don’t need. You should shop with some sense of responsibility. When you don’t buy stuff you don’t need, you won’t need to throw it away later. It may seem hard but it is not impossible.

You can start by keeping track of monthly necessities and then making a list of things that you are about to purchase but are non-essential. You can give a second thought at those items. If you don’t buy them, you will be saving money and reduce the piling up of waste.

2) Reduce disposable stuff

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It is a fact that people have become accustomed to disposable stuff as they are more convenient to use. However, for the betterment of the environment, it is better to stay away from disposable goods that have short life-spans.

You need to start looking for durable products that are worth the price in the long run. Aim at quality and not quantity. Keep longevity of goods in mind while shopping. Use a cloth bag instead of a plastic one and ceramic plates over paper or Styrofoam ones.

3) Try recycling


The main problem is that you are unsure about what all you can recycle and what you cannot. Plastic, glass, cardboard boxes, newspaper can be recycled. In India, there are people who called kabadiwalas who purchase all the recyclable stuff from you and then and give it for recycling at the allotted places. However, in the near future we are going to see less number of these kabbadiwalas.

4) Give items a second chance

Recycling anything should be the last resort when something can be reused, repaired or upcycled. If something at home needs a repair, you can search over the internet and get practical tips on how to fix them. If things are in good condition but no longer of use to you, you can always give them to the needy.

With a little imagination, you can upcycle products. It can be an old crockery that you cannot use anymore, turn it into a flower pot! Make your own gift bows out of wrappers, sew clothes out of old textile materials and give things a new dimension.

5) Reduce packaged goods

no-plastic-bags - get rid of plastic from your life

The most wasteful materials in the country are containers and packaging material. Almost everything you buy in stores is packaged. Avoid it. Start your search for fresh fruits and veggies that come without a packaging. You can maintain good health by purchasing fresh apples and giving the bag of chips a skip!

6) Be conscious of food wastage

Food waste is a huge issue. The problem is that there is always food in the fridge that just keeps lying there without getting consumed. This way it goes bad and has to be trashed. To avoid this, you must purchase according to your consumption. Get your fresh fruits and veggies in smaller batches.

Hope this post on ways of green living  is an eye opener!

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