Top Ways of Strengthening Your Willpower


Top Ways of Strengthening Your Willpower

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A person’s will power gets tested again and again in different situations and if you are on a weight loss spree, it happens more often. You might try to resist eating the yummy looking gulab jamun in front of you or you might need to force yourself to get up in the morning for a jog. In both the situations your willpower is getting tested.

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Here are some ways of strengthening your willpower:

  1. Meditate

meditation-for fitness

The best and quickest way of improving your willpower is meditation. Meditation helps in training your brain to focus and it also teaches self-control. Self-control helps you in resisting temptation and prevents your mind from thinking about what is tempting you.

  1. Sleep well

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If you haven’t slept well, your willpower really gets affected. When your brain is tired, it cannot absorb glucose properly, this means it just can’t function as efficiently as it should. You would have noticed that your decision making gets affected when you are tired. You will eat junk food that you are not allowed and probably skip your workout session. So, sleep well! Only a well rested you can have a rocking will power!

  1. Don’t do multitasking


Try out these puzzles:

  • List all the states in the country with their capitals
  • Simultaneously calculate 45×13

You give up, right? The above are complex tasks that are performed by a part of your brain that is not made for multitasking. If you focus on a single thing at a time, you will strengthen this part of the brain that also controls your willpower.

  1. Decision making should be mindful

mindful decisions for willpower

Almost half of the decisions you make everyday are made mindlessly. Make it a point to control your decision making and make conscious decisions after asking yourself what to do and why you want to do it. It could be something as plain as deciding your breakfast menu or questioning yourself why you need a cup of coffee.

  1. Your goals should be SMART

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SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. So your goals have to be SMART. There is no point in setting goals that are impractical and those that you will never be able to achieve.

  1. Learn to breakdown your goals

Businesswoman draw organization chart
Businesswoman draw organization chart

Having a huge goal like losing 10 kilos in one go can get difficult to tackle. So, to make things easier, break your goal into manageable chunks. Here is the bet, eat one healthy meal everyday and decide to visit the gym every alternate day. Things get easy for your brain as it is easy to grasp smaller chunks than the larger ones.

  1. Keep promises made to yourself


You always fulfill the promises you make to your near and dear ones but what about the promises that you have made to yourself. If you have promised yourself that you will be going to the gym every alternate day, why don’t you stick on to that? Do you feel guilty about not being able to fulfill the promise you made to yourself? You should be feeling as guilty as you would feel when you don’t fulfill the promises you make to another person. Take yourself seriously too!

  1. Expect obstacles

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When start doing something specific, you will find several obstacles on your way. You should be ready for them in advance so that you don’t get derailed from your path. If you plan to eat healthy, just stock up healthy ingredients before-hand. This ensures that you don’t end up eating unhealthy food when you come back home from a hectic day at office. Anticipating hindrances boosts your will power.

  1. Get inspired

Motivation quote

You might have been inspired by something in your life. It can be a person, a picture or a quote. Almost anything can have an impact on you. Inspiration helps in improving your willpower.

  1. Reward yourself

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This is the most important thing. Rewarding yourself whenever you accomplish your goal can go a long way in boosting your motivation as well as will power. But the reward should be right ;). If you have lost weight don’t gorge on chocolates. Instead go in for a massage at the spa.

Will you build your willpower?

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