Some Amazing Ways To Add Chia Seeds In Your Diet!


Here Are Ways To Add Chia Seeds In Your Diet!

Fitness is a lifestyle which needs regularity and to be practiced out of personal interest and not out of a compulsion just because you wish to lose weight quickly or need to be fit for a short term! It is something you need to employ in your daily life and not a matter of 3-4 months for a crash weight loss goal for any occasion or anything!

Well, fitness and a healthy diet go hand in hand! Only one alone is not effective as it takes both, a healthy diet and a regular workout regime to work in shaping the body from fat to fit!


Talking about one ingredient which I discovered during my journey of being physically fit and active is Chia Seeds!

This magic ingredient is a must if you wish to lose weight more effectively! These tiny seeds are all power packed stores of vitamins, protein, calcium, anti-oxidants, fiber content etc.

Interestingly these can be included in many meal options and considered great for the body as it gives a sense of fullness and you feel satiated for a long time!

Well, Chia seeds are not considered to be the best in taste and so one keeps looking for various ways to include these magical seeds in the diet! Here I have some of the best ways in which you can include chia seeds in your healthy diet!

Chai Pudding ( Mango & Coconut)-

chia pudding india

What is better than a dessert on any given day but if that dessert also becomes on the healthiest ways to have sweet, you would surely love to have it more often! So the chia pudding along with mango cubes are just the best combination of food you would love to have on any given day or time!


Brocolli and pineapple smoothie

Another way to include chia seeds is to add it to your smoothies and make them more energizing and power packed to work for the proper metabolic activities of the body which eventually show results in the form of weightloss.

Flavored Yogurt-


You can ideally include chia seeds in your probiotic intake and  sprinkle soaked chia seeds on your yogurt bowl. This will be yet another effective way to include these chia seeds and you won’t feel you are having any unpleasant ingredient.

Roasted/Sauteed Veggies-

halthy air fryer recipe cauliflower recipe crunchy

If you are on a low carb diet, you can ideally roast or saute your favorite vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, lotus stem, and sprinkle chia seeds which have been soaked and strained from the top. This is a great way t have chia seeds apart from just gulping it down with water!

Zucchini Pasta-

zucchini pasta recipe

Add chia seeds to another favorite low carb recipe and you won’t be bored to have chia seeds and will look for many other ways to include chia seeds in your diet!


Zucchini Choco Chip Muffins pic 4

You can include chia seeds in the muffin batter and add yogurt as well. It will be an ideal recipe for breakfast and will keep you fuller until lunch!

Hope you like these ways to have chia in your daily diet and keep your diet more effective for quick weight loss!

Have you tried including chia seeds in your diet?

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