Ways To Avoid Negative Thinking?


How To Avoid Negative Thinking?

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You remember how your boss insulted you 6 months ago clearly but have forgotten how your friends cheered you up at a party last month. Is this your story? Well, I guess it is the story of most people. Do you know that in general, humans remember negative experiences more than the happy ones? The reason behind remembering negative moments in detail is that the brain processes negative moments in a different manner. We humans are made to dwell on negative moments/experiences as they are a learning platform. While it is good to learn from such experiences, you shouldn’t take them to heart. Most of the times this is easier said than done!

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A Professor of Harvard Business School asked around 200 working professionals to maintain a daily journal over a period of several months. On having a look at the entries, he found that a single negative experience affected the professional twice as much as something positive that happened during the day.

This precisely explains why you feel terrible after a bad day at work. However, this doesn’t indicate that we all are pessimists! So, what can you do to stop dwelling on negative moments? Check it out!

1) Admit that you are thinking too much

To solve a problem, you first need to recognize that you have one. To acknowledge your thoughts is the first step of taking them in your control. Are you affected by criticism? Are you unable to handle too much of advice from friends and family who do so for your good? Do you constantly remember past failures? Ask such questions to yourself and find out what is affecting you.

2) Distract yourself

If you are pondering over a recent break-up, seek the help of your friend and go out for a cup of coffee. Try a hand at a hobby. Do creative stuff such as art and craft or play sports to take your mind off negative things.

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3) Try finding solutions to your problem

Look beyond the problem. We humans have the tendency of making a mountain out of a mole-hill. Things are blown out of proportion just to make them sensational. Try being objective even if you still feel awful about the negative memory.

4) Don’t be harsh on yourself

You may be surprised to learn that how much more critical you are towards yourself than towards other people around you. In order to succeed, you need confidence but even a small failure is enough to destroy the self-worth you have had. Remember not to give too much importance to one or two ‘failures’ you have had in life. Believe in yourself and in your ability to win. It is not the end of the road, you have miles to go!

5) Give yourself time

The thing is not to forget the bad experiences you have had in life but about learning to accept the fact that there are certain things in life that we cannot control. So, we should focus on those things that lie within our control. What is hurting you now will not matter a year later. Time heals all wounds. You can very well move on!

Are you ready to face life head-on now? Want to leave behind the bad experiences an move on!

Hope this post on ways to avoid negative thinking has been useful!

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