5 Practical Ways To Beat The Indian Summer


5 Practical Ways To Beat The Indian Summer

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So, summers are finally here! Summer is the time of the year when schools close down and kids get to enjoy! Reminds me of my own childhood when I used to have fun during this time of the year. So, this season is all about holidaying but along with all that comes the terrible heat! Day by day the heat is only going to increase. This makes it important to find practical ways to beat the summer.

1) Keep your home cool


One easy way of keeping your home cool is the air-conditioner but that will increase your electricity bills and what if you have power cuts during this season! So, it is better to go natural and get practical! Have white window shades or blinds so that you are able to reflect the heat away. This will keep the house cool and save energy at the same time. If you live in an independent house, you can water the lawn grass and your garden area. Sit in your garden and enjoy the natural cool breeze during the evenings. Try planting more trees and plants around you. While this won’t be useful for this summer but by the next summer you will enjoy as trees and plants help regulate the temperature.

2) Make dietary changes

watermelon water

You can beat the heat by making simple dietary changes. During summers it is much better to eat smaller meals, don’t stuff yourself! Make it a point to consume juicy fruits throughout the day as snacks. Include cucumber and lettuce in your salad as it has a lot of water content in it. You can have green tea too to keep yourself cool. Watermelons, muskmelons are fruits that you should not be missing at any cost as they will keep you hydrated!

3) Covering your head when stepping outdoors

Women Covering head 5 Practical Ways To Beat The Indian Summer

For all those of you who are heading outdoors during the hot day should cover their heads. Doctors say that it is the first precaution against the heat. It is important to cover your head with a scarf, cotton dupatta. Men can use a large hanky to cover their head. Covering the head prevents its direct exposure to the sun. This way you will be able to prevent summer exhaustion too.

4) Dress up appropriately

cotton clothes 5 Practical Ways To Beat The Indian Summer

Yes, you need to be careful about the fabric you choose for summers. Cotton is the most suggested one as it helps absorb sweat and also maintains a constant supply of oxygen to the skin. Wear loose clothes so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. People riding motor bikes should cover their head with a wet towel before putting on the helmet in order to keep the head cool and have a continuous supply of moisture.

5) Drink lots of fluids

Urinary Tract Infection water

As you sweat a lot during summers, your body’s salt and mineral levels will get depleted. This makes consuming fluids important. Too much sweating leads to the loss of essential salts like potassium and sodium. Potassium and sodium are the minerals that are important for normal blood flow and the proper functioning of the kidney. Apart from drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water, drink lemonade to keep yourself fit during this season.

How did you find the ways to beat the Indian summer?

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