7 Ways To Burn Calories Without Effort


7 Ways To Burn Calories Without Effort

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Have you heard about N.E.A.T? It stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It means burning calories by doing things outside of planned exercise. The amount of calories you burn through N.E.A.T. doesn’t make any difference on a day to day basis but over a period of weeks and months they all add up to help you with loss of fat. Doesn’t it sound cool? Well, read on!

1) Sit on an exercise ball

exercise ball

Sitting on an exercise ball is better than sitting on a chair as it is good for your back and posture and it also helps you burn calories. You need to stabilize yourself constantly when you are sitting on a ball whereas when you sit on a chair, it does all the work. It may appear awkward at first but once you get a hang of it, there will be no looking back.

2) Pacing

woman on phone-beating a stressful day

When you are on the phone try pacing back and forth if it is not very distracting. You talk a lot over the phone in a day at office and at home. So, when you get the chance, start walking up and down and burn loads of calories. It will help you in reaching your fitness goal.

3) Chew gum

why chewing gum is bad for your health

When you chew gum your jaw moves constantly and this burns calories. You must be wondering how many calories a little chewing gum can actually burn. According to Mayo Clinic, you can burn 11 calories an hour by chewing gum. This may sound less but chewing gum for 4 hrs a day would mean about 308 calories in a week and 1232 in a month! The habit of chewing gum is also known to reduce cravings as well as overeating. Good, isn’t it? However, make sure your gum is sugar free so that you don’t ingest unwanted calories!

4) Get moving

morning walk health benefits

In order to take advantage of N.E.A.T. you can do something as simple as walking more. Get up often and move around as much as possible, particularly if you are seated at the desk for a major part of your day. The best thing about N.E.A.T. is that it would require you only a few changes for a bigger calorie expenditure. You can do simple things like parking your car a little away from your office or climbing the stairs whenever possible.

5) Cleaning

household chores to burn 500 calories

By cleaning your home you can burn a lot of calories in one hour. The moving around and tidying up you do is an excellent way of burning extra fat and it gives you a good excuse to keep your house clean and tidy.

6) Get up from your seat often

Woman on laptop-Losing Weight When Genes Work Against You

If you do a desk job, it can be easy for you to sit for more than 5-6 hours at a stretch without moving around and getting up! Find reasons to get up from your seat at least a few times a day. Get up every hour and move around for 5 mins at least. Simply walking around for a few minutes every hour is highly beneficial.

7) Standing vs. sitting

Treadmill Desk burn calories

Studies have shown that if you stand while working instead of sitting, you can burn double the amount of calories. Stand up desks are good for your posture, back and joints if you happen to work at the desk the whole day.

Will you try the above to burn calories without effort?

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