4 Ways To Detox Daily!


Ways To Detox Daily!

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The word ‘detox’ is on everyone’s mind these days! But the majority of them do not even know how it actually works. It is thought that detoxing the body is a complicated process but that isn’t true! You do not need to shift to a juice only diet. The body is said to detoxify itself naturally everyday!

It is said that morning hours are ideal for helping the body get rid of toxins. Here are a few ways to detox daily that will help you stay full of energy the whole day and maintain good health.

1) Scraping the tongue

tongue health

The practice of tongue scraping is very much there in our Ayurvedic rituals. Tongue scraping involves removing bacteria and toxins from the tongue’s surface. This is done in the morning as during the night the digestive system removes the toxins from within and sends them to the tongue.

When you remove these toxins as soon as you wake up, you avoid swallowing them back into your system. Thus, you prevent digestive issues. It is said that tongue scraping is more effective than brushing your teeth as most of the toxins present in the mouth are there on your tongue.

So scrap your tongue and begin the day with a detoxified digestive system and enhanced immunity.

2) Oil Pulling

Some Amazing Yoga Kriyas-oil pulling

Another ancient Ayurvedic practice that has been in the limelight is oil pulling. It has a lot of health benefits to offer. You need to swish sesame oil (you can use coconut oil too) in your mouth for 10 to 15 minutes as soon as you wake up. Do this on an empty stomach as this not just improves oral health but even overall health. Oil pulling helps in drawing toxins outside the body.

Make sure that you spit the oil out and not swallow it! Do it on a daily basis.

3) Warm water

Hot water diet for weight loss

In the morning you need to replenish your body with fluids. Are you aware of the fact that when you drink warm water first thing in the morning, your metabolism gets boosted up? Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning helps in stimulating the digestive-colic reflex and it can help in eliminating the stuff sitting in your intestines since a day before.

Adding a dash of lemon and some honey into your glass of warm water is a plus!

4) First smoothie of the day

fruit smoothie

A smoothie is a great way to begin the day! You can get everything, right from healthy fats to greens from your smoothie. Beginning your day with a liquid meal like a smoothie will prevent you from feeling bloated. Also it will make you feel lighter and more energetic all day long as lesser amount of energy will go towards digestion when compared to a heavier meal.

The bottom line

These are 4 easy ways to detox yourself and start feeling good about yourself. Try to incorporate them into your daily life. You should be able to feel energized all day long.

Hope you liked reading this post on ways to detox daily!

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