Ways To Eat Healthy By Reading The Menu?


Ways To Eat Healthy By Reading The Menu

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Do you know in the US it is mandatory for restaurants to mention calorie count on their menu cards? And in on study, the number of people who look at the nutritional information of what they are ordering at the restaurant has tripled in the last 2 years. Research also says that providing nutritional information on the menu card has encouraged people to order food with an average of 143 lesser calories. Wish this happens soon in India too. It will be very useful for the health conscious.


So, that was about the calorie part. But calories are not the only thing that that are of importance when it comes to healthy eating. Adding other factors like fat, fibre and sodium makes it a lot more confusing. So, how should you decode the menu for your benefit? Read on!

If you are lucky enough to find a place that mentions calories and other nutritional information, you can easily choose a healthy meal option for yourself.

Look at the serving size

Even if you are ordering something healthy, you should have a look at the serving size. Like how at Domino’s it is mentioned how many people a medium sized pizza would serve. This was just an example, I don’t recommend a pizza when it comes to healthy eating unless of course it is customized with lots of veggies. For the low carb dieters a cauliflower pizza base would be fine! Click here!

Well, coming back to the serving size, you should pay attention to it or else you may end up ordering something that serves 2 people and this would mean double the calories, fat, sodium and sugar.

Check out the calories

how many calories

You should try something that is near 400 calories. Ideally anything between 300 to 500 calories would be fine. If you are choosing a snack opt for the one in 100 to 200 calories range. You must remember that calorie counting is not everything. You should also see the nutrients a particular food item is offering.

Check the fat content


Going fat free is not the best way out as when you remove fat from something, you remove the entire flavour of the food. To make it tasty, loads of sugar and additives have to be added. It is recommended that you choose a meal that has not more than 6 g of fat in one serving. Moreover, you should look at what kind of fat you are ingesting. Healthy fats are good as they provide a lot of health benefits. Steer clear of trans-fat as they are not healthy. Know more about foods made up of trans-fat here!

Check out the fibre content

While choosing the fibre content look for something more than zero. If you spot something that has 0 g fibre and is not a protein, it must be a bread that is lower in fibre. You won’t get anything more than sugar and carbs from it.

Scan the sugar content

It is obvious that sweet dishes have sugar in them. You need not check sugar in that. 😛 But do you know that sugar sneaks into dips, sauces, BBQ and salad dressings? You need to know which food has more sugar and which food has less.

Exercise precaution and eat healthy when you visit restaurants.

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