7 Awesome Ways To Eat More Veggies Without Trying Hard!

Avocado spread on toast

7 Awesome Ways To Eat More Veggies Without Trying Hard!

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It is always said that you should include a lot of veggies in your diet. However, most of you may be finding them too boring. Well, here are some simple ways to eat more veggies without trying hard!

raw veggies

1) Swap veggies for meat

Begin with comfort foods. Make your burger healthy first. Swap the chicken patty with a patty made up of beet root and mushroom. Beet root is high in potassium, folate and manganese whereas mushrooms are rich in niacin, copper, zinc , selenium, potassium and B vitamins. Try to make veggie nuggets. You may seek the help of cheese to make those nuggets yummy! Try you best to use veggies in place of meat.

2) Blend your veggies in

Health benefits of guacamole dip

Try to behave like a mom of young kids who wants to feed them with veggies but under cover :P. Blend red and orange veggies and have them as your pasta sauce. You can make tasty dips with veggies added to them. You can probably add green purees to your guacamole if you happen to be a fan of Mexican cuisine! Use avocados in cheesy recipes.

3) Spread the veggies on your toast

Avocado spread on toast

Eat a whole grain toast with a spread that is quite different from your usual ones. Yeah! Just spread on mashed sweet potato on top of your toast with some salt and masala sprinkled on it. You can even spread avocado and a pinch of sea salt and enjoy your toast. It is a treat full of monounsaturated fat, fibre, vitamin C and potassium.

4) Experiment with them

If your usual recipe demands a lot of potatoes, you know it is time to experiment a bit. Instead of adding potatoes just add colourful veggies. Go beyond onion and peppers and try to include carrots, zucchini into your recipes. Add greens such as spinach of different kinds, mix in some cooked cauliflower and broccoli, you can grate in some beet roots and cabbage too.

5) Replace bread with veggies

It is easy to reduce your intake of bread and replace it with veggies for breakfast. Just mix raw or cooked veggies of your choice and season them with a little common salt and pepper. On this bed of veggies just place a poached egg. You are ready to go for a rocking and healthy breakfast! Just make sure that you choose a wide variety of veggies to fulfill your nutrient requirements.

6) Bake goodies with veggies

Zucchini Choco Chip Muffins pic 4

You must have read Vrinda’s post where she shared the recipe of choco chip muffins with zucchini. If not, here is the link! Isn’t it a great way of enjoying your baked goodie. Taste bhi, health bhi! You can bake bread too with sweet potatoes in it! Use whole wheat instead of maida, choose rolled oats as they are a healthy option. So, isn’t it great to hide goodness in drool worthy muffins!

7) Gulp your veggies down

green-smoothie-weight loss

Before you start consuming juices of veggies let me tell you that raw veggie juices might not suit your system if you are not used to it. So start with a little bit of veggies in your fruit juice. You can make a green smoothie with spinach, kale and fruits like berries, apples and grapes. You can make delicious red smoothies with beet root and tomatoes too. You can add in a bit of avocados in your shake as it doesn’t have a distinct taste of its own and it will give you a thick as well as creamy drink. You can add flax seeds and chia seeds to your smoothie to get ample amounts of omega 3. Your smoothie can also be frozen in moulds and enjoyed as popsicles.

Hope you found this post interesting!

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