6 Ways To Find Out That You Need To Shed Kilos!


6 Ways To Find Out That You Need To Shed Kilos!

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Being overweight is a very grave issue. Overweight people not just have to face taunts but also serious health conditions. If your BMI (Body mass index) is more than 24.9 and you have a few of the following symptoms, do talk to your doctor and find out what you need to do to lose weight.

1) You snore aloud

If your snoring is too loud (that wakes up others around you) and you rarely get a good night’s sleep, then the possibility is that you suffer from sleep apnea; it is a condition in which irregular breathing affects your sleep. Excess weight is usually the cause. When you have fat around your neck, your airway can get narrow causing shallow breathing or breathing pauses.

2) You are tired all the time

How To Re-energize Yourself When Tired

Excess fat causes internal inflammation which can lead to a state of perpetual fatigue. If you happen to have an elevated BMI, even day to day tasks like grocery shopping can make you feel tired. If you feel so do visit the doctor!

3) You are always hungry even if you eat a lot

This might be the sign of the fact that you are eating the wrong foods (read junk food), which lack fibre, protein and healthy fats that help in keeping you full. However, it can also be a silent symptom of type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance. An increased appetite with an elevated BMI for a long time, plus tingling sensation in your hands and feet, blurred vision, too many visits to the washroom all point towards diabetes. With passing time, too much of weight can trigger the conditions whereas weight loss can reverse them. Check with your doctor if you have such symptoms.

4) Your waist is more than 35 inches


Is your jeans size more than 35 inches? It is matter of worry! Science says that having excess of belly fat can increase the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. It is said that people tend to distribute their weight in different places and measuring the waist is not the most accurate way to assess health. However, if your BMI is elevated and your waist circumference crosses 35 inches, do visit your doc and try your best to lose some weight for the sake of your health.

5) Your back, knees and hips ache

backache among teens 2

Excess weight is the reason behind your aches. It is plain logic that when you put extra pressure on your joints, the tissue around them wears down and this makes moving them a little uncomfortable. So, when your joints are not able to support your weight it is evident that your weight is above normal!

6) You have tender spots all over your body

Inflammation in the body can make the tissue beneath your skin feel tender to touch, something like a bruise. If your BMI is high and you have pain at random spots on your body, weight loss is the only way out!

Well, more than the above symptoms, just a look at the mirror will tell you whether you need to lose weight or not. Rather than thinking about becoming slim, think about becoming healthy. The world is yours when you are fit as fiddle and ready to take things head on!

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