Top 11 Ways To Keep Your Brain Young


Here Are Ways To Keep Your Brain Young!

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People focus a lot on keeping their bodies young but have you ever even thought about keeping your brain young? Well, there are so many activities that you can do to keep your brain young even when you age chronologically. Read on!


1) Learn a dance form

dance class

The elderly who did ballroom dancing 3 to 4 times a week had 75% lower chances of dementia when compared to those who didn’t dance at all. Why is this so? Well, dancing is a complex activity. It is aerobic so it helps improve the blood flow to the brain and this has shown improvements in brain connections.

2) Play a musical instrument

Whether it is a piano, guitar or saxophone, research says that playing an instrument for more than 10 years is linked to better memory in old age when compared to those who played music can help in boosting brainpower. Even listening to music is known to boost brain power.

3) Learn different language

Knowing two or more languages can help the onset of dementia according to research. Also those who are bilingual are better at paying attention and multi-tasking. According to experts, the earlier you learn, the better but it is never too late to learn a new language.

4) Play board games

Playing chess, checkers, bingo and even card games helps in keeping your brain fit. A study has found that there is 15 percent lower risk of dementia among those who played board games when compared to those who did not.

5) Do one task at a time

If you feel that your ability to multitask shows that you have a strong brain, you are wrong. Multitasking actually hijacks your frontal lobe. It is the frontal lobe that regulates problem solving, decision making, and other forms of learning that are essential to maintain brain health. According to research, doing one thing at a time strengthens the ability to learn, understand and make use of new information.

6) Write down what is stressing you

Irritable Bowel Syndrome food diary

In a study, students wrote down their stressful experiences for 20 mins for 3 days and as a result their memory and grades improved. Stress causes unwanted thoughts and worries. Writing them down prevents bottling up of negative emotions.

7) Start knitting

Activities like knitting, crocheting or gardening, which involve the use of your hands, are known to be stress relievers. They keep your brain young. There is a link between knitting and cognitive function. The more you knit, the better it is for your brain.

8) Be social

ways to ward off winter laziness- friends chatting

Spending more time with family and friends, especially when you get older, is the best buffer against mental decline. It was found in a study that people who took part in social activities did better mentally.

9) Play video games

Playing puzzle games is known to be helpful in improving problem solving skills and persistence. It has also been found that playing games such as Tetris increases the grey matter in the brain.

10) Write by hand

Typing may be faster but writing longhand is definitely better for your brain. Studies say that students learn better when they take down notes by hand as it makes them process the information they are writing. The cursive handwriting is more useful.

11) Take naps

Taking super-quick catnaps help recharge your brain. Improvements in memory have been seen in those who napped for as little as 6 minutes according to a study. The results were even better among those who napped even longer.

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