Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Liver Healthy


Ways To Keep Your Liver Healthy!

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Do you know that liver disease deaths in India have reached 2.44% of the total deaths? Doctors warn that people should be cautious for liver diseases as most often they are silent killers. In the maximum no of cases, patients don’t know that they have a liver ailment. They come to know when t is just too late. Moreover, blood tests do not detect liver ailments in the initial stages. The condition comes forth only when it becomes serious. The symptoms too are just like fatigue, anemia, swelling in the leg or jaundice.

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Doctors say that the chief reason of liver cirrhosis is alcohol abuse. Apart from that the other major causes of liver diseases in India are Hepatitis B and C viruses. Sedentary lifestyle, obesity and diabetes are affecting a huge population of our country.

Here are top ways to keep your liver healthy

1) Say no to alcohol

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While all the cases of fatty liver are not because of alcohol, it is the root cause for most liver disorders. Living alcohol free is a huge step towards liver well-being. What is essential is to know beyond which point the consumption of alcohol can be a health risk. Some individuals will consume a big quantity for a long time without showing any signs of danger whereas there are others who would succumb to liver disease even after consuming a small quantity. If you can’t quit alcohol, avoid taking spirits as they have a more alcohol content when compared to wine. You also need to make sure that you don’t drink on an empty stomach as doing so will put your liver in a tough position. It will have to work overtime to handle all the concentrated alcohol rush.

2) Lose unwanted flab

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Being obese is the primary reason for a dysfunctional liver. Thus, the first step to guard the liver is to lose excess fat. You will need to adopt a regular fitness regime that helps you maintain a healthy body weight and lowers your chances of suffering from a fatty liver. The benefits don’t just stop here as exercise helps in improving the function of liver enzymes.

3) Drink water for detoxification

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The liver’s main function is to prevent the toxic chemicals that we ingest through our food and water from harming us. As it is known to all, water has an important role to play in detoxifying the body. It is said that you consume a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to increase the process of detoxification.

4) Consume 5 fruits and veggies

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How to determine whether you are eating sufficient amount of fruits and veggies or not? The doctors say that having at least five fruits and veggies in a day is a healthy and nutritious practice. So make sure you have 5 fruits and veggies (combined) each and every day. They are packed with goodness.

5) Consuming probiotics

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Studies indicate a link between fatty liver and disordered intestinal function. Probiotics are foods that contain friendly bacteria required for the gut. Consuming probiotics will help in normalizing the gut balance and flushing out the toxins from the body and also ensuring better blood circulation.

Follow the above ways to keep your liver healthy and free of diseases.

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