Ways To Make Junk Food Healthy

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Ways To Make Junk Food Healthy

Raise your hands if you can eat just one of the paanipuri, one spoon of chaat, one French fry or any junk food for that matter. No one right? And if you just thought, big deal! I haven’t tasted a panipuri in years. I hate you very much. 😛 so what makes junk food so irresistible to us?

You will be shocked to know most of these junk foods act like drugs. They are specifically engineered by food scientists to trigger the happy hormones in our brain making us eat these junk foods again and again. Yes! You read that right; the combination of salt, sugar and fat at a definite proportion reacts with our taste buds and send signals to our brains. It’s a pleasure so intense that our brain wants us to eat that sinful thing again and again.

Today I am going to tell you few easy ways to make the junk food healthy so that you can relish them all without an ounce of guilt.

Ways To Make Junk Food Healthy

  • I will start with the simplest trick. Choose wholegrain, multigrain bread instead of white bread and use very little butter and that too on one side. I don’t use butter in my sandwiches at all. I use a teaspoon of desi ghee.
  • Bake and grill rather than frying. Apply this technique for making burgers and other dishes. Even kids enjoy eating grilled sandwiches. You can add up loads of vegetables in it to make it a healthy yet tasty snack.
  • So you can stay away from soft drinks, how about trying different fruit juices? Chilled fresh fruit juices are far more appealing than regular soft drinks. If you are a tamarind lover like me, then you can relish a glassful of chilled tamarind juice. It even protects from heat stroke and aids digestion as well.
  • I can’t resist chips. So my mother makes chips for me at home and she cuts the slices thicker as they absorb less oil. I know it’s still sinful but it can be your cheat food once in a while 😉

Ways To Make Junk Food Healthy

  • Drink 4-5 litres of water in a day. It will keep you feeling energetic and you would not crave junk food.
  • Include salad in your diet. I personally love munching on fresh vegetables. I love my salad bowl looking like a rainbow, some fresh cherries and pomegranate eliminates the need of heavy seasoning. I always add black pepper to my salads.
  • Try to use flaxseed oil instead of regular oils but that too sparingly. Don’t overdo the usage of oil. Read about flax seed here.

Flax seeds and linseed oil

  • Try to take up cooking as a hobby. I have kept Sunday evening reserved for cooking experiments. I love making Pizza, pasta, chaat, pav bhaji and sandwiches. Last Sunday I made paani puri at home.  Yum!! 🙂
  • One last tip, try using unrefined sugar or natural sweeteners. For example carrot, peas and pumpkins are sweet in taste. So you can use them as ingredients and cut down on processed sugar. Try Stevia, read the review here.

So now you know you don’t really need to avoid junk food altogether. You just need to tweak the technique here and there and voila junk becomes healthy. Don’t torture yourself by avoiding your favourite snacks; just choose the healthier way to gorge on them.

What are your Favorite ways to make junk food healthy ? Let us know !