7 Ways To Make Your Workplace Good For Your Health


Ways To Make Your Workplace Good For Your Health

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Office is a place where you spend half of your waking hours. There is stress and tension in the air. You can make your corporate cubicle a better place for your well being and health.

Here are ways to make your workplace good for your health:

1) Sit less

If you work at your desk, it is advisable to stand for at least 2 hours in order to avoid the health risks associated with too much of sitting. Moving around is not just good for your physical health but also for your productivity and ability to focus. So, take breaks in between.

2) Try using a standing desk

benefits of a standing desk

If this facility is there in your workplace, switch to it. A standing desk will make you sit less and move around more. However, being on your feet the whole day can cause aches and pains. Be on a look out for a desk with adjustable height so that you can use a chair when needed.

3) Paint the walls green

Creative thinking gets enhanced when you are in green spaces. Paint your cubicle walls with hues of green so that they give you a relaxed feeling. If you cannot paint, you can stick a wallpaper with a green backdrop and add more green elements to your desk. However, to avoid red as it affects your performance negatively.

4) Bring nature to your office

how beneficial are houseplants 2

For a feeling of wellness and creativity, it would be great to bring a plant to your work space.  A small plant on your desk would do. Go in for green leafy plants instead of cacti. Also avoid flowers with a strong scent that can be pretty irritating. Choose a plant that improves the air quality in your workplace.

5) Keep some personal items on display

Stick to keeping 3 to 4 items that are significant to you, like a photo of your family or a prestigious award. Be sure to keep these things in your view. Don’t place too many things around as crowding your workplace can mentally exhaust you.

6) Don’t eat at your desk


Don’t eat at your desk. Choose the office cafeteria for lunch. This will help you get out of your environment and mingle with people. It will truly be a break.

Staying away from your desk can reset your brain and can stop you from eating mindlessly while surfing the net.

7) Take care of the lighting

You need to get natural light during the day, so sitting close to the window is the best. People with windows in office tend to sleep well and are physically active than those who don’t have the access to natural light. Studies say that daylight exposure keeps your stress levels down and your circadian rhythm normal.

However, the truth is that not all offices let in natural light. In such cases, choose the right kind of lighting. Cooler and bluish light is good for analytical thinking whereas warmer bulbs help socialize and interact with people. Having a desk lamp that can be turned off and on is better than having just one overhead light as it will reduce strain off the eyes.

Will you incorporate the above ways to make your workplace good for your health?

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