4 Ways To Meditate At Work!


Ways To Meditate At Work!

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Work life can get hectic. You might have an ever-growing to-do list and your boss may be handing you project after project. It can get too overwhelming and make you desperate for a moment of peace.

Now meditating at office is not easy! But when you do it even for just 2 minutes, you can increase your productivity and concentration. It is said to boost your mood, reduce stress and anxiety.

Here are Ways To Meditate At Work!

1) Listening to binaural beats

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You can listen to binaural sounds while working or during your break. Now, what are binaural beats? They are two tones having slightly different frequencies. One is played in the right ear and another is played in the left.

Neuroscientists say that just one session of binaural betas can help attention, memory, stress, pain, headaches and migraines.

When you listen to sounds that are of different frequencies, your brain combines both and levels them out. For instance when your left ear hears a 100 Hz frequency and the right one 10Hz, the brain perceives a sound of 90Hz. This can put you in a deep focused and meditative state.

The same happens when you hear the sounds of nature like different frequencies of birds chirping or the sound of the waves. It has a calming effect on your mind.

Simply plug in your earphones and listen to binaural beats to feel relaxed.

2) Practicing Samatha meditation

Also called as ‘calming meditation’, Samatha meditation improves focus and improves productivity. Take a few minutes from your work and stare at an inanimate object for 2 to 5 mins.

Focus on the rise and fall of your breath. When you feel distracted by an external noise, bring your attention back to your breathing. Though practiced with closed eyes, it can be done with eyes open too at your desk.

3) Meditating in your car

Find a moment of silence in your car as you are less likely to get interrupted there. Start meditating in your car to calm down your monkey mind. You can listen to binaural beats or do samatha meditation. Another option is to sit in silence and pay attention to the rise and fall of your breath.

4) Making most of a moment alone

Are your colleagues in a meeting or are away for lunch? This is the best time for you to connect with your breathing. You can either keep your eyes closed or open and focus on at least 10 inhalations and exhalations.

It is also a good opportunity to shut your eyes and find out how you are feeling presently. There may be mental chatter or thoughts that distract you. However, you need to remind yourself that this moment of peace is to focus on yourself.

Convince your office management

ways to meditate at work

If your office does not allow these meditative breaks, why don’t you tell the management to think it over and make the entire office meditate at a certain time of the day? Tell them that this way the performance of the employees will improve significantly.

Wish you all the very best with your meditation! Discover a less stressed out and rejuvenated you with the helps of the above ways to meditate at work!

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