5 Interesting Ways To Prepare Oats For Weight Loss


5 Interesting Ways To Prepare Oats For Weight Loss

We all get to hear about how keeping fit and healthy is important and in case one is over weight, the first step to being fit is losing the excess flab and several kilos! Well, losing weight requires a lot of discipline as losing weight is not the only prime motive here. You need to keep yourself fit and also prepare your body to withstand the lifestyle changes to make the weight loss process less lethargic!

Ways To Prepare Oats When On Weight Loss

Thick Oats

Talking about weight loss a lot of people around you tell you different tips and tricks and suggest every possible trick to lose the excess weight! Well, once you have determined to lose weight in a disciplined manner it becomes important to bring about the required changes in your lifestyle, the food you eat , the routine you follow! Losing weight is far easy when you take it to be a lifestyle change and not a routine activity to lose the extra pounds!

oats weight loss

Talking particularly about the food you eat to make the weight loss steady and free from side effects, it is important that you eat only those food items which are going to boost up your body functions and for that there are some very healthy substitutes of food which need to be replaced from the usual food you eat!

One such item is oats and a lot of people who are on the path of losing weight, religiously include oatmeal as the ideal filling breakfast!

Oatmeal is mainly a fiber rich cereal grain which is low in calories and is a great source of vitamins, minerals and has a high nutritional value!

It boosts the immune system, and lowers the cholesterol level in the body which is good for those people who have heart related concerns like blood pressure and high cholesterol!

Well, one cannot have the same kind of food everyday and if there is no variation in the healthy food, there are chances that temptation may force one to treat their taste buds and hamper the habit of healthy eating!

Here we bring forth some great ways in which oats can be prepared with a twist and variation to make it more appealing!

Dry Fruits Oats

Healthy Oats Halwa Sweet Recipe (2)

One can make slight variations in the regular oats recipe and enjoy the added flavors of the dry fruits like raisins, cherries, dates, figs etc. to make it yummy

You just need to add your choice of dry fruits and add them to the cooked oats to have a power packed breakfast which is tasteful and keeps the body functional and boosts the metabolic activities!

Fresh Fruits with Oats

Healthy oatmeal smoothieAdd a dose of more yummy fiber rich fresh fruits like apples, banana, apricot, kiwi and turn the simple oats to a tasteful juicy breakfast and the fresh fruits will improve the bowel movements efficiently to boost up the metabolic functioning in your body!

Oats Dosa

One can also enjoy oats in its savory taste as it tends to be easily combined with both sweet and savory tastes! One can use powdered oats to prepare the batter for dosa along with ingredients like rava and rice flour! Add flavoring ingredients like black pepper powder, green chilies, chopped onions, salt etc to make the dosa a total mix of taste and health!

Oats Idli

This is yet another South Indian recipe which fitness lovers can freely have without any guilt! Add powdered oats to the idli mixture and add grated carrot, onion, coriander leaves and mix well! Put the mixture in idli moulds and let it cook! You can add spluttered curry leaves along with mustard seeds for added flavors! Enjoy this healthy idli with your favorite groundnut chutney!

Oats Cookies


You love baking and just cannot resist a fresh batch of yummy cookies so you can easily replace the flour used in making the cookies with oats powder and add natural sweeteners like honey or banana and prepare those yummy cookies and enjoy them fresh!

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