Top 9 Ways To Prevent Acne Due To Workout


Top 9 Ways To Prevent Acne Due To Workout

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It is true that exercising gives you a rosy glow to your cheeks but at the same time you might end up with an acne breakout if you are not careful about it. Here are a few easy ways to unclog your pores and prevent pesky zits.

1) Wash your face as soon as your workout is done

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The best way to prevent exercise related acne is to wash your face as soon as you finish working out. Splash your face with cool water and use a cleansing face wash of your choice. Sweat is known to attract bacteria and it this bacteria which is the culprit behind acne. By washing your face immediately after a workout can help in getting rid of sweat and the build-up of bacteria, this will help in preventing acne.

2) Take a bath quickly


After your workout, avoid staying in your sweaty clothes. The clothes trap the sweat against the skin and clog the pores. This causes a breakout in places like your back and chest. Once you are done with the workout try to have a bath right away.

3) Don’t touch you face

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It is obvious that your hands come in contact with bacteria and germs and you just can’t do anything about it. But you can do something to prevent acne and that is not touching your face while you are working out. This will prevent the germs from getting into contact with your skin.

4) Wipe your exercise equipment

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Regardless of whether you are working out at home or at a class, ensure that you wipe each and every piece of gym equipment with antibacterial wipes prior to your workout. This becomes mandatory if you are sharing the gym equipment with other people, because the bacteria and sweat present in their hands get transferred to the gym equipment. When you happen to use the same equipment and touch your face you will obviously bring lots of bacteria to your skin.

5) Wear cotton while exercising

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You should wear cotton clothes when you workout as cotton is a natural fabric that lets your skin breathe and prevents the build-up of sweat. Avoid tight synthetic outfits and go in for loose and comfortable clothes.

6) Don’t wear makeup when you workout

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When you workout, your body cools itself down by sweating. If the pores of your skin are covered by makeup, they will get blocked and the end result would be acne. Make sure to remove your makeup before working out.

7) Scrub once a week

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Scrubbing your skin or exfoliating helps get rid of the layer of dead skin cells that trap sweat and bacteria. So, it becomes essential to exfoliate on a regular basis. Go in for a gentle scrub and don’t rub your skin too hard as it may worsen your acne.

8) Using the right sunscreen


It is a known fact that when you head outdoors you are going to use a sunscreen but what is important is that you use the right kind of sunscreen so that it doesn’t form an oily layer on your skin and blocks your pores. Use an oil free sunscreen.

9) Be careful about your hair care products

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If you have acne on the forehead, it means that it is due to your hair products. Serums and conditioners are quite oily and tend to remain in the hair even after rinsing them out. When you sweat, the remnant hair products drip down onto your skin and result in acne. To prevent this either use less of hair care products or wear a sweatband around your forehead while working out.

Are you going to take steps to prevent acne due to workout?

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