Ways To Prevent Eye Strain While Watching TV


Ways To Prevent Eye Strain While Watching TV

ways to prevent eye strain due to TV

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Since you were a child your mom must have been scolding you for watching too much television. You may have felt irritated as a kid for being scolded for watching TV but the truth is that your mom was right! She said all that to you for your own good as TV viewing for long hours causes eye strain. All that your mom said to you in your childhood holds good even today. If you happen to be glued to the computer at work and then go home and watch TV, your eyes are bound to feel the strain.

Now, you can’t avoid the strain due to the computer at work but you can definitely avoid the strain due to TV viewing. Here are some tips to help you with the same!

Switch on the lights in the room

Many people have their TV in their bedrooms and they simply enjoy snuggling in bed and watching TV with the lights switched off. This can really be bad for the eyes you know! While watching TV make sure that you switch on the lights, so that your eyes don’t feel tired.

Take breaks in between

Instead of staying glued to the TV screen for several hours at a stretch it would be better to take frequent breaks in between. This is essential to prevent strain on the eyes. Make it a point to blink often and whenever there is a commercial break, just get up and walk for a few minutes. This will help in relaxing your eyes as well as preventing back problems. When you walk in the room try to focus on objects that are far away.

Decrease the glare

Try to place yourself in such a position that there is just no glare on the screen. Glare can cause a strain on your eyes. Now, one way to do so is to make sure that the screen is positioned at an angle of 90 degrees from the source of light. You can also go in for antiglare glasses to protect the eyes from the glare.

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Maintain the right distance from the TV

Ideally you should be between 8 to 10 feet away from the TV. The TV should be placed at the correct height which is either your eye level or just a bit below it. You shouldn’t be looking up at the TV.

Relieve your eyes of the strain

When your eyes get strained due to watching too much of TV you should help get rid of the strain and pamper your eyes a bit. Gently massaging your eyes or applying a hot compress on the eyes can be beneficial. You can even try some simple eye exercises. You should also sleep for a period of 8 hours each night in order to provide your eyes with proper rest.

Upgrade your TV

Though this may seem to be an expensive way to remove the strain from eyes, it is worth it. If you have an older television set, it is high time you go in for a flat screen TV. A flat screen TV gives off less amount of glare. And the bigger your TV screen, the better as a larger screen will reduce the strain on your eyes.

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