Top 8 Ways To Stay Healthy During Navratri


Top 8 Ways To Stay Healthy During Navratri

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Happy Navratri everybody! Fasting this Navratri? Great! We all wait for this festival all year long! Actually these festivals are the time when we stop working day in and day out like zombies and let ourselves enjoy the moments of life; we meet our near and dear ones and celebrate.

Navratri Greetings

So Navratri is fasting as well as celebration time! But amidst all the happiness and festive spirit, don’t forget to take care of yourself. This post focuses on ways to stay healthy during the 9 days of Navratri.

Try to include the following techniques for staying healthy, losing weight, detoxifying the body and gaining energy!

1) Go Sattvic!

The main focus of Ayurveda is a Sattvic diet that mainly comprises of fruits, milk and veggies. It helps in both cleansing and detoxifying the body. So, sticking to Sattvic diet is a great idea! Follow the diet at least during Navratri and see the positive effects on your body.

2) Consume healthy and nutrition loaded food

You need to choose fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges and guavas as they will keep your energy levels high while you fast. Consume dairy products such as milk, paneer, curd and lassi in order to fulfil your protein needs. Consuming nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts and anjeer is also a great idea.

3) What all you should avoid?

It is common to have sabudana vadas and other deep fried stuff during your fasts. However, to stay healthy, you need to say no to sabudana, potato chips and food with high salt content. Also avoid beverages such as tea, coffee and sugary soft drinks.

4) Maintaining Fluid levels

woman-drinking-water dehydration causes

Maintaining fluid levels is very important. You need to drink lots of water and consume fruit juices and vegetable juices on all the 9 days so that the fluid levels of your body are replenished.

5) Ward off acidity

As you don’t eat your regular food, there are chances of getting tired soon when you fast. There are also chances of acidity. To stay away from acidity, you need to consume smaller food portions frequently. Doing so will also provide you with the needed energy all day long.

6) Don’t let fatigue overpower you


Set a clear work schedule and don’t allow fatigue to spoil your Navratri. Navratri fasting is done in order to help the organs of the body to take rest and detoxify. By overburdening yourself with too much work, you will affect your health negatively. Ensure that you eat enough so that your performance at work does not get affected.

7) Take sufficient rest

During these 9 days of Navratri, it is essential to take rest. Do meditation or Yoga in order to relax both your mind as well as the body. Get a massage done if you find it relaxing and unwind from the mechanical life routine.

8) Stop stressing

Stress can affect your health and weaken you during the fasts. Even otherwise stress is not good for you. Don’t stay hungry for too long and keep yourself replenished with fluids.

Fasting is one technique that helps in cleansing and detoxifying your body. However, don’t punish yourself by starving. Remember, your body is the temple of your soul!

To know how to eat healthy during Navratri click here and here!

Do mention how your fasting is going in the comment section below!

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