Ways To Stop Getting Distracted By Mobile Phones


Ways To Stop Getting Distracted By Mobile Phones

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What distracts you the most from your work? Constant pings from the phone, am I right? Yes, for most of us the smart phone is a major source of distraction. Though it has made our tasks easier and helped us in staying connected with people, it is a pest while we are at work. Do you agree? This causes a fall in productivity and loss of patience.

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Some people are not just distracted by the phone but addicted to it. They keep checking their phones constantly to see if there are any messages on social media sites. Every 10 minutes they have an urge to check messages. Isn’t that sheer addiction? And what happens when there are no messages? There is a feeling of rejection and no-one-likes-me attitude. Here is a post on how facebook can depress you- click!

Now, let’s get back to the smart phone problem. Here are ways to help in reducing your daily distractions:

Reduce your multi-tasking tendency

You might think that by multitasking you are being more productive but the fact is that multitasking reduces focus, results in a decrease in overall productivity and leads to stress. In the long run it can lead to an increase in mental and physical fatigue.

So, stop typing a mail on the laptop and answering a query on the phone at the same time. Also, don’t open a bunch of windows on your computer. You won’t even be able to do one task properly. Minimize the tendency to do multitasking and focus on one task at a time.

Set boundaries on your tendency to check the email

Stop the habit of checking your email every now and then. You drain the brain’s energy when you interrupt its analytical thinking. When you are addicted to checking the mail every 5 minutes, you are making yourself prone to commit mistakes in your work. It is not good to respond to every ping. It brings down your creativity. Instead of checking the mail every now and then, set a time to check all your emails in one go. You can also fix different hours in a day for checking your mails like once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

Do things that require your complete concentration

practice meditation

You should do things that require your concentration such as knitting, meditation, Yoga, cooking or reading a book. Whatever, you do, give it your complete and undivided attention. This will help you in regaining your ability to pay attention for a longer time period. Make attention and awareness your priority. Even if you want to spend some time watching TV, go ahead and do so. Don’t mix it with any other activity.

Because we are constantly distracted, we now don’t know the difference between attention and awareness. Concentration helps in retraining our brains to pay attention and focus only at the task at hand. This makes us focus on the present moment.

Distraction will make you feel less happy and quickly exhausted. You will also get disconnected from all the lovely things happening at the present moment. Making an attempt to reduce distraction is good for you.

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