7 Simple Ways Towards A Healthier Diet

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Top Ways Towards A Healthier Diet

In today’s era everyone has turned out to be a health and fitness freak. But the most important thing besides workout is to make your diet healthier by including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in a right proportion. Planning your diet in healthy manner and putting the right ingredients in your plate is one of the most important things that keep you fit and healthy. Few changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can make you healthier rather than dieting, fasting and doing workouts for prolonged period of time. Dig in to find ways towards a healthier diet!

Here are some simple and useful tips that can be incorporated in day to day life to make your diet healthier:

1. Make use of Good Fats during cooking

olive oil

Fats is a best source for instant energy. Even it is one of the most beneficial sources needed by the body. But all fats are not good for heath. Unsaturated fats such as olive oil are better than saturated fats such as better. It provides you energy but at the same time should be used in appropriate amounts. Excessive use of this ingredient can raise the calorie level ultimately leading to increase in weight.

2. Intake of unhealthy Liquids should be avoided

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

Liquid diets such as fizzy drinks, soda, smoothies or fruit juices should be avoided. Instead of having this throughout the day, try to consume fruits that provide you good fibre content, vitamins and minerals. Water should be added into your daily routine. As per the recommendation, a person should consume at least 8-10 glasses of water.

3. Wholegrain food should be included

Thick Oats

Wholegrain foods such as oats, brown bread, and brown rice should be included in your meals rather than refined grains. Wholegrain foods are rich in fibre content which is beneficial for your health and protects your immune system.

4. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

fruits-and-veggies- ornish diet

Fruits and vegetables should be consumed between every meal if possible. They are high source of fibre, antioxidants and vitamins. Colorful plate of fruits and vegetables should be incorporated that will make your skin healthy and glow.

5. Avoid taking sweeteners

no sugar please

Try to avoid the use of sugar in your diet. Sugar add significant amount of calories and does not add any nutritive value to your food. Try to avoid all types of sugar such as syrups, brown sugar, white sugar etc.

6. Add great flavors to your food:


Sometimes cravings make you to eat unhealthy food. But addition of bold flavors such as herbs, spices enhances the taste of your healthy food in a better way. Great flavors will not let you fly away from your food.

7. Smaller Meals rather than large sized

kitchen tools small plate

Most of the people these days indulge into a habit of ordering large sized meals and even eating large quantity at one time which makes you and your body unhealthy. The best way to manage your diet plan is to take smaller portion of meals within short intervals. This will even help you to manage over the cravings.

Hope this post has been useful!

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