10 Ways You Are Spoiling Your Skin


10 Ways You Are Spoiling Your Skin

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Those zits that pop up often on your face are frustrating. The worst part is that you get breakouts just before a special event! And no matter what you do the pimples don’t seem to leave you! You can relate to this problem well if you happen to be in your 20s. Maybe you don’t know but you are secretly harming your skin with certain habits.

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1) Staying stressed

Stress can totally spoil the show when it comes to skin health. No matter how many anti-aging creams or skin care products you use, you simply can’t do anything about it. Your skin will get dull due to stress and this dullness can stay lifelong. So stop stressing about trivial things and start living. At least try doing so for the health of your skin.

2) Popping your pimples

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Some girls have the bad habit of popping their pimples. It is right that they look ugly but pricking your pimples will leave behind marks that look even worse. Leave your pimple alone and allow it to pop on its own.

3) Wearing heavy makeup

Are you someone who enjoys doing loads of makeup? Well, it is known to clog pores and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. This results in breakouts. So, go light with the foundation and try staying as natural as possible. There are days when you have to do a lot of make-up but do try giving your skin a break.

4) Not washing your face before sleeping

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At times you are so tired after a long day’s work that you just can’t do anything else. However, neglecting to cleanse your skin can lead to the build-up of oil and dirt on your skin. In many cases, it can cause bacterial infections.

5) Sharing makeup

You should not give a free pass to your friends and roommates to use your makeup. Makeup sharing can make you susceptible to eye and skin infection. Tell your friends about this too.

6) Not wearing sunscreen

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You might be sabotaging your skin by not applying sunscreen. However, choose the right one that matches your skin type, or else it can clog the pores and result in blemishes.

7) Not drinking enough water

If you go below the minimum 8 glasses a day mark, your body will not be hydrated and this can show up as dry and flaky skin. If you want that glow, do make sure that you are drinking sufficient amount of water. The beauty secret of stars is that they drink a lot of water all day long.

8) Skipping meals

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Skipping a meal means that you are running on an empty stomach and that can cause faster aging and drying of skin. Do make sure that you get to eat something at regular intervals for the health of your skin.

9) Eating too much of sugar

Consuming excess amounts of sugar can break down collagen and you might end up with sagging skin over time. Switch to a healthier option to sweeten your food, like stevia, to keep your skin healthy and tight.

10) Not sleeping sufficiently

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You need a minimum of 8 hours sleep for healthy and glowing skin. When you sleep, the skin repairs itself and if you don’t give your body the luxury of sleep, you will end up with sallow and dull complexion. You might even get dark circles.

So, these are the 10 ways in which you are spoiling your skin. To look young and radiant always, you should take good care of yourself. If you are healthy from within, only then your skin will glow.

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