We give you what you ask – Weight Loss,Fitness and Health


We give you what you ask – Weight Loss,Fitness and Health

If you are wondering what this post is about, I wish to let you know that very few people asked us their doubts on the open forum here. But emails and FB messages never seem to stop overflowing!

I understand that there are certain expectations that you have from this blog. We would like to know what MORE would you like to read? You can pour down your problems related to Weight Loss, Fitness, and Health. You can also give us ideas or feedback.

I am thinking to start a series – Health Benefits of ……….. . This series will cover all foods, activities – anything and everything which makes a positive difference to our lives. For example – Health Benefit of Apple, Health Benefit of Laughter, Health Benefit of Meditation, Health Benefit of Running. What do you think?

Do you have Kickass ideas? Let us know :).

The intention of this blog is – Healthy life for everyone. You decide what more do you expect from us, we will try our best!

We give you what you ask - Weight Loss, Fitness and Health

P.S – I am competing with myself every day. What about you? If you are looking for some advice, remember We give you what you ask – Weight Loss,Fitness and Health. Connect with us.




  1. great Idea Tarun 🙂 Also topics related to harmful effects of………. or why ………… is bad for your health etc can be covered. That way our blog would be covering all topics related to health.

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