Wearing Makeup In Gym means Less Workout


This is the timeΒ  when I am not giving any advices but asking you a question –

Do You Wear Makeup In Gym?

You need not feel hesitant if your answer is ‘Yes’. If you expect me to say that makeup in gym causes breakouts, I won’t ! This ain’t a beauty blog LOL :P.

I have just 1 reason to question makeup in gymn.

Wearing Makeup In Gym means Less Workout

A survey was done in UK where women when asked whether wearing makeup affected their workout, the majority of women, 64 per cent, said it did.

51 per cent of women said they didn’t work as hard when wearing make-up because they didn’t want to ruin their look.

Wearing Makeup In Gym means Less Workout

When you are wearing makeup during workout, you would concentrate on ‘not sweating’, exactly opposite to what ideally you should be doing. I have seen girls wearing deep back fitted tank tops and feeling uncomfortable while doing a yoga aasan. Last week, I saw a girl who wasΒ  applying lippie in the changing room. I could not resist talking to her. After exchanging pleasantries, I asked her the reason of her action to which she replied, a guy in the gymn looks smoking hot ;).

You see the intent of going to the gym has completely changed here. I understand that gym has become a social place where we get to meet a lot of people n make friends with like minded ones !

Let’s be practical,if you keep busy in thinking how you look or making a lot of friends in gym, you will reduce the time of your workout. We always calculate how much time we stayed in gym and don’t wish to realise how much time we actually workout. In my view, you could impress someone with your workout and dedication for fitness rather than doing makeup. You can always dress up after workout and spend time with gym friends.

Look at Bipasha in her gymn dress, not a sign of makeup !

Wearing Makeup In Gym means Less Workout Bipasha

Kareena is wearing only kohl while doing Yoga.

Wearing Makeup In Gym means Less Workout Kareena


So girls, if you wish to wear makeup, please make sure it doesn’t distract you and affects your workout ! After all, who doesn’t wana look beautiful πŸ˜€

Don’t forget to answer the question – Do you wear makeup in gym :)?


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  1. heheh i dont.. but i have this aunty in the gym who wears full makeup.. complete with hot pink lippie πŸ˜› and she looks the same as she did when she joined—-:P

  2. actually i think the sweat will make it clog your pores if you wore makeup…sweating is very important for good workout and makeup and sweat never go hand in hand πŸ™‚ its advised not to wear by skin specialists over night and also during sweaty seasons. hence we have sweat proof makeup for summers.

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