Weekend Cycling And Workout Updates


Weekend Cycling And Workout Updates

Hello people,

It’s been really long since I did a post here. Well it is not that I have lost that fitness zeal in me but I have been not posting much in this space because I had nothing very interesting to share. I am still strict with all my diets and fitness schedules but there was simply nothing which will make me give you a shout out.

Few months back I joined aerobics but it somehow did not excite me. I believe that exercising and fitness should be fun and challenging. But aerobics turned out really boring to me. Doing the same jumping everyday just bored me to death so I decided to chuck it out. My body has now stuck at a weight plateau and is just not ready alter; I literally hate this stuck feel.

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So as to challenge my body more and break the weight plateau I now have joined gym. Like everyone I am also very fond of eating out and cooking so staying strict with my diet often becomes a challenging task but thanks to you lovely people out here who mail me to write more often and make me to get back to my schedule. Actually all this love is like fuel for me that keeps me going and stay motivated.

Apart from gym I recently participated in fun fitness activity. And when I say it was fun, I seriously mean it. Continue reading to know more about the fun activity.

My Fun Cycling Experience

This weekend I with a group of fitness freaks from the gym went for cycling. It was not a down race competition but was just fun cycling. We were cycling for joy and could actually feel the happiness inside out. I must say it was an awesome fun activity to be involved in.

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While we were on the way cycling, it started raining and everyone kept their cell phones inside the scooter which our trainer carried. Thankfully there was a scooter; I simply cannot imagine the bizarre that could have happened to the cell phones without the scooter.

Apart from carrying the scooter and keeping our cell phones secure from rain, our trainer was there for more important tasks. He was there to keep the group motivated and guide us. Without him this cycling experience would not have been this much fun filled and boosting.

In fact this is what I love about workouts. When people are in groups involved in working outs and talk about fitness, the workout sessions do not look like boring workouts and become much more interesting. And when we have a guiding force like my trainer, things become all the more happening.

My Experience At Aerobics Studio

As I already mentioned above, that jumping like frogs with no variations is not my thing. So the aerobics studio which I joined got me bored like hell and on top of that, I came to know that there are people who have no clue of workouts and they run workout classes/sessions. How misguiding can one become?

How can one make you jump for half an hour everyday in the same position without any variations and that too every single day? Well this is what my aerobic teacher was making me do and I feel bad about people who still are following the class where the teacher is himself unaware of the exercises.

Should I Buy A Cycle?

Weekend cycling & Workout Updates 2

I am really loving my current Gym workouts with my trainer and I am considering buying a cycle for more fun cycling experiences.

Well actually I am in two minds in regard with getting a cycle, since I have got a Gym membership with a trainer, which is expensive for the obvious reasons, I am not sure if I should get a cycle for me. I am not sure if I will be cycling often and I do not want to get my money wasted.

What do you guys suggest? Should I buy a cycle or simply let the idea go and shut the case?

Just to tempt you guys, let me also tell you that this weekend I treated myself in Nandos with some hummus, pita bread and yummy olives. It was a treat from me to me!

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This was all about my workout & cycling updates, what about you guys?

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