6 Weekend Rituals That Make You Fat!

Stress and Weight Gain

6 Weekend Rituals That Make You Fat! Find out!

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What do you think when it’s Thursday? You probably feel that after all the mind boggling deadlines, work pressure and meetings, you should head for a Friday night party and chill out over Sat and Sun! Yipee! It may sound good for you to unwind but it is definitely not good for the waistline! Weekends can lead to weight gain in several ways!  Check out the Weekend Rituals That Make You Fat.

1) Party night

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A party on Friday night can cost you a lot when it comes to weight loss. You will probably party at the pub and after dancing for more than 2 to 3 hours, you would be famished. So, as you step out of the pub and enter the late night fast food joints, you will end up consuming food ravenously! Pizzas, burgers and fries will vanish off your plate in no time. And you are aware of the fact that such food is by no means healthy!

2) Heading out for food

You obviously hate cooking food on a weekend and try to head out. When you go out for dinner, you usually order things like a few appetizers, the main course and a dessert to top it all. Before you even realize it, you consume lots of calories. While it is okay to eat out occasionally, you should not make it an every weekend affair. This is probably the main reason why you are piling on weight.

3) Drinking alcohol on weekends

Foods Which Make You Fat diet alcohol

It is quite easy to get roped into drinking alcohol on a Friday night as your friends keep ordering all sort of exciting cocktails. Your drink can have loads of calories in it depending hat has been mixed with the alcohol. It will not just make you tipsy but will also make you eat more of foods that are calorie dense.

4) Not exercising

You may be sweating it out hard during weekdays but when it is Saturday, you simply want to chill out and take a break from working out. However, by not working out on your day off, you are just letting the calories pile up as fat. It is important to work out a bit if not rigorously on weekends to burn off the extra calories consumed from your cocktail party or brunch.

5) Unplanned adventures

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Adventures are always fun. However, when you head out for a late night drive or an adventure sport without any prior planning your eating habits and routine get affected. Staying hungry for too many hours will not only slow down your metabolism but will also lead to dangerous binging.

6) Sleeping away during the weekend

This is something many people do! They sleep for hours together and don’t seem to be in the mood to even lift their finger. This practice of sleeping for long hours on a weekend and not involving yourself in any physical activity will not let you burn the calories from the dinner you had the previous night. Lack of activity will slow down the body’s metabolism and also make you feel tired.

Hope you liked reading about Weekend Rituals That Make You Fat!

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