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Weekend Workout Benefits are Similar to Daily Exercise!

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Are you exhausted during weekdays and are unable to work out?  There is some good news for the busy bees! It has been found out that those who work out on weekends enjoy the same health and survival benefits as people who exercise regularly.

At present it is recommended that you carry out 150 mins of medium intensity physical activities every week or 75 mins of vigorous workout. However, there is no single opinion about how often one should exercise.

The study on Weekend Workout Benefits

Research shows that those who pack there entire exercise routine in two days of the week (called the weekend warriors) are at a lower risk of dying. And this is similar to those who exercise thrice weekly or even on more number of days of the week.

In the study carried out, survey responses from more than 64,000 people were considered. They were grouped into 4 categories namely, inactive, insufficiently active, weekend warrior and regularly active.

The 3 groups of people who exercised fared better than those who led an inactive lifestyle.

While comparing the weekend warriors to inactive adults, it was found that individuals who exercised for one or two days a week witnessed a 30% lower risk of dying. Also, the risk of cardiovascular death was 40% lower and the risk for death due to cancer was 18% lower for weekend warriors when compared to inactive adults.

Insufficiently active people and regularly active people had similar effects.

Insufficiently active participants had a 31% lower risk of dying. In regularly active ones it was 35% lower when compared to inactive participants.

The risk of death due to heart disease or cancer among both the regular and insufficient exercisers group were also very similar to the reduced risk of weekend warriors.

The researchers say that is it great to find out that by being physically active on one or two days of the week, the risk of death can be lowered even in those who don’t exercise as recommended.

Limitations of the study

The study was based on individuals who filled out a health survey in Britain. Thereby, it all relies on the exercise intensity and duration reported by them.

Also, 90% of the individuals surveyed were white and therefore, the benefits of weekend work out cannot be applicable to people from other ethnicities.

Most of the weekend warriors were males and the types of exercises were gardening, cycling, running, walking and sports.

635 of the respondents were inactive and 22% were insufficiently active. 11% were regular exercisers whereas the remaining 3.7% alone were weekend warriors.

The age group was 40+ and the follow up in the study was done for 9 years.

However, in spite of all the limitations, researchers feel that the study is statistically powerful.

The final word

Physical activity is important as it boosts health by bringing down cholesterol levels, improving sleep patterns, keeping body weight in check and reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, if you can’t work out on weekdays, you must sweat it out on weekends. After all, it is for your own good!

Hope now you would agree with the fact that Weekend Workout Benefits are Similar to Daily Exercise!

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