Signs That Your Weighing Scale Is Affecting Your Weight Loss


How The Weighing Scale Is Affecting Your Weight Loss?

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Is your weighing scale really helpful? Are you having a love-hate relationship with it? Your scale may be doing you more harm than good. Here are the signs that your weighing scale is affecting your weight loss.

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1) You react too emotionally to the numbers that appear

If the numbers on the scale change your behaviour immediately, it means that something is not right. There are people who react to their weight by over-restricting their diet if they have gained weight or over-eating if they have lost weight. This yo-yoing can cause have a drastic effect on your health. Letting the scale dictate your eating habits can make it impossible for you to make food choices mindfully leading to poor health.

2) You experience eating disorders

Irregular eating has several forms like bingeing, purging, orthorexia, restriction or over-exercise. But if you are facing any of these, it is time to step down the weighing scale and talk to a doctor who can help you out. It is essential to get things sorted when you have an eating disorder.

3) You have negative feelings about yourself

Blaming and loathing yourself for your weight can not only affect your progress but also erode your feelings of dignity and self-worth. Shame does not motivate you. So, if stepping on the weighing scale makes you feel negative about yourself, you better start ditching it. The number on the scale does not say a thing about your value or worth. It is just a number!

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4) You weigh yourself a lot

If you are obsessed with weighing yourself first thing in the morning or several times a day, it is a sign that your weighing scale has a negative impact on you. Instead of weighing yourself, start taking measurements. Your waistline will shrink with healthy eating and workout even if doesn’t bring your weight down. Waist circumference is a much better predictor of good health than body weight.

You need to breakup with your weighing scale if you happen to have any of the above signs.

One reason why you are gaining weight

You are dieting hard as well as training hard and still see weight gain! There is no reason to get unhappy as of yet! It may be time to re-evaluate things. Both strength training and HIIT workouts can increase muscle mass, which means that the composition of the body is getting improved. The number you see on the scale is a total of your entire body weight that includes fat and other fat-free mass like muscle, bones, ligaments, organs, water and tendons. So, your total body fat does not provide the complete picture when it comes to your health. Even endurance training can create weight fluctuations. There are also other reasons for weight gain like fluid retention and inflammation.

So, start focusing on training and pay attention to how you are feeling, how clothes are fitting you. Keep eating foods that fuel you and stay away from junk!

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