Weighing Scale Review – Equinox EB-9300


Weighing Scale Review – Equinox EB-9300

Hello Beautiful People,

Sorry for such low activity on IWB. Weekend has been pretty crazy. Since past few days, I am trying to review all the products that I have using – good or bad so that everyone can benefit !

I was in hunt for a weighing scale a few months back and zeroed down to Equinox. The company makes by far, the best weighing scales. You can also consider Omron weighing scales.

I bought my weighing scale from Pepperfry, the shopping experience was pathetic. Read it here .  I shall give you a better shopping option at the end of this post :).

Analog or Digital Weighing Scale ?

This is a nursery level question 😛 . Digital weighing scale is the best choice. I used analog weighing scale a few years back and whenever i stood on it, had to take at least 5 opinions to judge the correct weight.

Weighing Scale Review – Equinox EB-9300

Weighing Scale Review - Equinox EB-9300

Experience with Equinox EB-9300

Finally I bought Equinox EB-9300, which I have been using for more than 6 months. It shows accurate weight even when I moved it to different places or stepped on it up and down. No, I wasnt playing 😛 , was just checking how accurate it is.


  • Gives accurate weight
  • Sleek design with a beautiful and strong glass top
  • Ideal for keeping in the bedroom , no hiding needed 😉
  • Auto on and off
  • Can weigh upto 150 kgs
  • Easily available offline and online. You can buy it from here.


  • The edges can break if they keep touching the room corner. Be careful about its placing, thats all.
  • Expensive as compared to local digital scales available in market. But the brand and quality of Equinox speaks of itself !

Where to buy Equinox EB-9300 ?

You can buy it from here for Rs 1142 at 52 % OFF  ! Huh, I bought it for 1500 bucks 🙁

Which weighing scale do you use?