Weighing Scale-Your Friend Or Foe

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Weighing Scale-Your Friend Or Foe

Throughout my weight loss journey I had been literally a slave to the weighing scale. I had been succumbing to the pressure of my weighing scale so much that my joys and sadness both had been dependent on it. Every day I used to question myself if it was normal to obsess about the numbers on scales? Is weighing scale your friend or foe?

weighing scale makes you cry.

When the scale displayed a number I  didn’t like, I found judging myself  too harshly. This obsession with numbers was actually jeopardizing my psychological balance because I was becoming dominated by a piece of metal so much that I started eating lesser and lesser to the extent that my net calories were at times getting into negatives. Now that was one scary situation as early in the morning my scale had become a strong determinant of my mood and emotional well-being. Well, the conflict in my mind was if I should let my mind led by the numbers or the feeling of wellness inside me. During my journey I learnt some very good lessons for life.

Weighing Scale is not your friend

weighing scale good day bad day

Although it’s good to measure weight to track progress but doing it on a daily basis is actually counter productive. If we weigh ourselves weekly or monthly then it helps us get a blueprint of trend in our body weight but doing it every day can be depressing. From morning till evening weight fluctuates by as many as five pounds. Food and beverage intake, time of day, dietary choices and activity levels all are reasons for change in numbers. we can lose two kilos just by going to the bathroom and gain it right back by eating a meal or a few glasses of water.

Scale plays mind games

The scale makes us blind to real results. When we focus on the number we forget to realise the more significant results like better sleep, improved energy level, lesser moody and depressed, controlled cravings, faster recovery from exercise, improved symptoms and medical conditions. And yet we feel that we are a “failure,” because the number on the scale hasn’t moved as per our expectations.

Scale affects self-esteem

This is the most important reason to rethink about your love hate relationship with your scale. It’s psychologically very unhealthy to allow a number to determine your worth and your self-image. It’s really tragic that our daily weigh-in determines our state of happiness and self esteem.


What should be done?

  • Stop letting the scale be an abusive partner and play mind games with you. It is going to be difficult but worth it to stay away from your weighing scales for a while.
  • Get a tape measure to know how your weight is impacting your health. According to National Institutes of Health (NIH), high waist circumference is associated with an increased risk of health problems, like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. On an average, if you are a male, your waist should be less than 40 inches. If you are a woman, less than 35 inches.
  • Remember as you become fitter, your muscle mass grows and your weight increases but your scale does not understand your body fat-to-muscle ratio, thus what you must do is; get your body fat composition evaluated wellness facility.
  • A scale is misleading most of the times as it doesn’t consider that your weight naturally goes up and down depending on things like your water intake, salt consumption, premenstrual bloating and other such factors.
  • Always use your clothing as your guide as clothes can give you a better idea of your body. Your clothes can help you to sense your loss or gain.
  • A scale can never tell you about your strength and endurance. And I can vouch for this as some time back one of my slim and trim friends challenged me if I could touch my toes and surprisingly I could do it easily while she could not. So more than the weight it is positive answer to the simple questions like these what speak volumes about the state of your health.

                               Can you run a mile?

                               Can you touch your toes?

                               Can you walk comfortably?

Not being able to do these daily activities means its time to take stock of your health. Remember the ultimate measure of your success is improved physical as well as psychological health not that illogical number. The healthier you will be, happier you’ll be. It’s your emotional health that matters ultimately in life.

weighing scale define yourself

And by the way did I tell you that I weigh myself once a week now because number doesn’t matter to me now as I am regular with my exercise and healthy eating routine and feel energetic throughout the day. Whatever the number is I know I am happy with myself, does any thing else matter? No, not to me at least.  Stay Healthy, Live Life Love Life because you only live once.  🙂

What do you think; Is weighing scale your friend or foe?

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