Weight loss A Battle Of Emotions And Body

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Weight loss a battle of emotions and body

Three years back I started my weight loss journey and worked really hard on losing thirty kilos of weight. It was an eventful journey which sadly enough hasn’t reached its destination till now.

It was not that I didn’t know that I needed to lose weight, I knew it since the time I became conscious of my appearance as a young girl. I wanted to lose weight especially on my lower body and tried everything from a lemonade diet to skipping and yoga but failed each and every effort. Then more than 30 years later, I gave another try at the age of forty-five to lose weight and succeeded.

After a whirlwind weight loss regime, when I slowed down a bit, I tried to analyse what was it that made me lose weight at the age of forty-five and not at sixteen; while we always hear that weight loss is easy in teens than after forty. The only answer I could get was that weight loss is not only a physical effort, but more of a battle which must be won at the mental and emotional level first.

Weight loss and the mind set

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Is losing weight just about counting calories and carbohydrates along with exercising hard? Why is it that despite of joining weight loss programs, gyms and following different kinds of diets we are not able to lose weight? We have money to spend on health foods, diet meals and home gym equipment but despite of everything there is one thing that is lacking and that is lack of a strong will and mind set to lose weight. In my experience, I have seen that anyone who has the mental strength, can lose weight in no time and at any age.

Mind and temptation

Today we are living in a world where everything is easy to get, we have our own demons to fight on a daily basis. The only thing that can help control temptations is our mind which can be rewired to get positive results.

We love a particular taste or food because we feel good after eating it. It is the happiness which we get after eating that food that tempts us and today’s world is all about momentary joys as we are an impatient generation.

Food temptation is no lesser than that one night stand which we repent later seeing the repercussions. It’s nothing lesser than a burst of exciting sensation which when wears off, makes the mind panic. Once in a while in the name of cheat meal it might be fine to give in to cravings but weight loss doesn’t work out that way. One cheat meal, turns into a cheat day leading to a break from diet for a week. Believe me I am saying all this after personal experience. This is a tricky situation.

Mind is a very interesting thing. It needs to be trained to like or dislike anything, but the catch here is that if you train your brain against some taste then never ever revert. We must switch off our brain towards it to stay away from craving it.

How to switch off your brain from craving a particular food needs some practice, and I promise you I will explain that in the next part of this post… Till then stay connected.

Do you agree that there is always a battle of emotions and body while on a weight loss journey?

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