Weight Loss Affirmations You Must Try


Weight Loss Affirmations You Must Try

Weight loss has become a major problem on more than 70 % of people worldwide. We struggle our way towards that “Perfect Weight” we always dream about. There is not an iota of doubt that weight gain is the major reason of all sorts of health problems we face. We walk, workout, control eating habits, go for weight loss programs and diet plans but do we all succeed? My answer is NO. Why! because I believe, weight loss is not only about calories in and out or eating healthy and controlled diet with ample workout sessions. It is something that has to be worked on inside our brain and subconscious level first. Hmmm! Confused! Are you! Let me explain.

Dieting is what we all plan in order to control our swelling weight but just the thought of it fills us with a feeling of doubt, dread and instant images of feeling hungry or weak. We start cribbing about missing all our favourite foods. We feel sad that we have to control our taste buds while there are so many other people among our family and friends who despite of eating all the tasty and unhealthy food, don’t gain weight. So to say, the very first step we take towards our weight loss goal is ‘NEGATIVE’. We actually lose the game before we begin to play. Don’t you agree?

Weight Loss and negativity

The worst place to begin any journey in life from is ‘A Negative Starting Point’. Why do we do it? The most common reason is that most of us consider weight loss journey to be a journey of ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Wanting’. Our focus is always on…

  • Ooh! I will have to wake up early in the morning and go for a walk.
  • Ahh! I will have to give up my junk parties and desserts.
  • I am going to suffer without that sugar in my tea and coffee.

This negative mind-set is what declares us ‘defeated’ in our mind even before we start.

Change your perspective to lose weight

You can lose weight by working on your attitude. Remember, when you take up a diet, it is for you instead of something you do to yourself. This change of thought is the new perspective.

Once you change your perspective towards food and exercise to improve your lifestyle. As a result you would feel better from inside, be more energetic, and acquire self-esteem. I know it is easier said than done.

We play in the hands of our conscious mind because of our pre-set beliefs. There are ways to give a shut-up call to our pre-set notions and one of the easiest ones is affirmations. We can tweak our mind towards positivity and faith that nothing is impossible with right affirmations. Affirmations assist in working on our inner-self.

Affirmations help us control our mental beating by changing the way we speak to our subconscious mind. It takes just a bit of word play filled with emotions to …

  • Shift a miserable thinking about what we can’t enjoy while dieting and exercising to all that we can be excited about.
  • Acknowledge and respect our worth as a strong human being who can achieve anything imaginable.
  • Make us feel proud of ourselves for being able to making right decisions for ourselves.

Weight Loss Affirmations and how to use them!

Affirmations help in weight loss by changing the way mind perceives something from being impossible to possible. Here is a list of weight loss affirmations to start with. We can use them to generate a positive feel about our body.

All you have to do is…

  • Whenever you feel down during your weight loss journey, just remember and repeat your choice of affirmations whenever you want.
  • You can also make it a daily ritual to sit at a calm place, do some deep breathing and in your mind repeat affirmations like a mantra. Only thing that is required for them to work is belief and your mindfulness at that time.

Weight loss Affirmations…

I am thankful to enjoy best health and perfect body weight.

My perfect metabolism is keeping my weight perfect.

I am having a healthy body which keeps me full of energy. 

My body is my perfect happy place to dwell and I love it.

My perfect body is worth all my love and respect.

I have the power to change my life.

To stay in perfect shape, I choose to eat healthy food.

I am losing all extra weight and feeling light in my body and mind.

I choose to make best meal choices to keep my body weight perfect.

My weight loss journey is perfect and joyful.

I love the brush of fresh air when I walk early morning.

My body is unconditionally beautiful and fit.

I love to create a fit body.

I love myself when I exercise my body and eat healthy food.

Affirmations can bring wonderful changes to our health and weight but the requirement is of your belief in your efforts and journey. You can win if you think positive.

Let us know how you felt after practicing

affirmations for weight loss .

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