Weight Loss And Body Fat Types


Weight Loss And Body Fat Types

Body fat is the major enemy in your life and you are constantly on the lookout to find out ways as to how to get rid of it. Dieting, exercise, medicines, herbs, weight loss supplements are now selling at an exponentially high rate as an entire generation of overweight people tries to get rid of body fat. Unfortunately most people treat all types of fat; belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat, visceral fat as the same and does not understand the different mechanisms in which they operate. It becomes very important to understand the nature and categories of fat before you can begin to lose it in a healthy way.


body fat types

Fat and its functions

Fat is responsible for storing excess calories in the body and making sure that they are utilized in times of emergency (starvation, fast, food shortage etc). Fat is present in the brain (in fact 80% of the subcutaneous matter of brain) and it helps layer the organs from external harm. Several important hormones are regulated by fat so do not make the mistake of thinking that fat is bad for the body. Its only when fat is present in excess quantities in the body that it begins to create problems.

Brown fat

This is the most useful kind of fat in the body as it’s quickly burnt in times of emergency to release energy. Unfortunately 80% of lean people have more reserves of brown fat than people who are actually overweight. Brown fat reserves are high in kids and as they grow up these reserves shrink and give way to white fat. Scientists are still looking for ways in which brown fat can be utilized as an obesity cure.


White Fat

White Fat is a more plentiful option than brown fat in fat people. Though white fat is responsible for the secretion of many adult hormones it is also responsible for most of the risks associated with fat. White fat causes cellulite and those ugly dimples on your stomach and butts. When white fat cells are small they release Adenopectin which increases cells receptive ability towards Insulin. When fat cells swell up then Adenopectin production slows down making blood glucose level shoot up as Insulin is not absorbed well by the cells any more.

Subcutaneous Fat

types of body fat subcutaneous fat

Fat which is directly found under the layer of skin is called Subcutaneous layer. Skin inspection measures like skin fold capillary probe can be used to poke and find out total quantity of subcutaneous fat. There is a lot of subcutaneous fat inside the thighs and butt region but not all of it is bad. This fat keeps the body protected against extremities of weather. However subcutaneous fat in the belly is linked to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Visceral Fat

types of body fat

Visceral fat forms deep layers around the organs and interferes with their functioning. Large waist size or a pot belly clearly indicates that visceral fat is present in the body. This fat can cause dementia, liver dysfunction, stroke and cardio-vascular problems. There is a particularly strong correlation between belly fat and dementia and medical research indicates that with bigger diameter of belly have stronger chances of losing their brain functions and developing dementia. Unfortunately visceral fat is the most difficult of all kinds of fat to lose and it is also the most harmful.

Hope you know the basics about body fat and its different types.

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