Weight Loss And Goal Setting



Weight Loss And Goal Setting

In my last post, I had promised to talk about controlling cravings and here I am but with a little different thought. When I mentally analyze my weight loss journey, I realise that I had set my goals in writing and that had really helped me in streamlining things.

When you make a decision to tread on the path of your decided destination, you need to be very clear about what your final aim is. Do you want to be a focused winner or a confused loser? But before that, I want to talk about winners and losers.

Do you know what is the difference between the winners and losers? Winners never give up while losers can’t carry on. Life often throws us into such tricky situations that we begin to lose patience and most of the times tend to give up our battles. Weight loss journey too is the similar battle where we most of the times give up on our goals. Honestly speaking we lose the battle not because we cannot go on but because we don’t feel like going on as we feel better being lethargic.

Why do we give up on our goals?

my goals

If we are on the quest to lose weight, we begin with a lot of JOSH and by the end of a week or so, find ourselves back to the same point where we started. There is nothing that we cannot do but we need to keep the right focus on our goals.

To stay focused we must write down our goals and why we failed in our past attempts to lose weight. If we do so, we will find these common reasons. Did you lack time, motivation, direction, what was it?

  • Lack of time

  • Lack of motivation

  • Lack of guidance

Write down your reason and then think if you really want to change the situation you are in? Then move on to find a solution to that harmful situation you are in.

Fix your goals

smart goals

Set a realistic goal. You must write down the goals as one month, three months goals, six months goals, and one-year ones. Keep a sensible target like one kilo per week. Write it down somewhere you can read on a daily basis. Visual motivation works very well.

Picture yourself

picture yourself

Picturing yourself as you wish to be especially while exercising makes you feel motivated to keep going on. See your new self in your mind. Think of some quote you can relate to and keep talking to yourself. Like when I used to go for brisk walks in humid summers of Bhubaneswar and hated the sweat entering my eyes, clothes sticking to the sweaty body I used to repeat in my mind, “Sweat is my fat crying” and this used to bring smile on my lips as I used to imagine the fat burning with the exercise. If you say your motivation quote over and over then the mind will work in connection with the body.

Choose your exercise well

Finally to be a winner in achieving your goal successfully I advise not to select just any exercise program because everyone is doing it. Start with what you feel interested in and be at a comfortable level. Once you get used to it, then increase the difficulty level. Spending loads of money on gyms,  I feel is more of a fad as with the help of internet you can choose any good weight loss exercise program. Remember one thing any weight loss program is a success or failure because of the person who adopts it. In the same way, you are the one who can make or break your weight loss program. So set your goals well and make a deliberate choice to be a winner. Here is something what I really like to end the post with —

setting goals

Have you set your goals for weight loss?


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