5 Best Weight Loss Apps For iOS And Android Phones


Best Weight Loss Apps For iOS And Android Phones

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You must be having many apps on your smartphone for making difficult tasks a breeze. Want an app for staying in shape? Yes, weight loss apps are very much there! Such apps do all the math for you and you need not think too hard about how many calories you have already consumed. Read on to know about these weight loss apps that focus on safe  loss of weight.

1) Lose It!

Weight Loss Apps Lose It

‘Lose It!’ is an app that helps you in counting calories and lose weight. Using the app is extremely easy as you only need to enter your age, height, weight and target weight. Then search the food you are eating throughout the day in the large food library. All the calories will get calculated and presented to you as a graph. You can get a graph for entire week too, making it easy to find out how you are doing. You can also connect with your friends on facebook via this app to stay motivated during your weight loss journey. If you provide your email, you will also be sent blog posts related to nutrition. It is available for both iOS and android phones.

2) MyFitnessPal

Top 6 Free Health and Fitness apps myfitnesspal

This app helps in keeping a track of what all you eat throughout the day. It is a complete weight loss tool as the focus is on food as well as exercise. You need to enter the information and mention if you want to lose weight, gain weight or simply maintain your current weight. The app not just counts calories but also tracks how much physical activity you do. It has a social media function for motivation from your friends. The app presents you with a graph that not just breaks down the number of calories consumed but also what types of food you have had. It can be used on iOS and android phones as well as on your personal computer.

3) Fooducate

weight loss app fooducate

This app is for nutrition nerds. Search for packaged food or simply scan it to get a detailed nutritional break down. Along with the calories you will get the amount of carbs, fat and protein in it. The app looks for certain food allergies such as nuts and gluten and alerts you. If one particular food is not found, you can submit the name and the company will analyze it. This app is available for iOS and Android phones.

4) My Diet Diary

My-Diet-Diary-Calorie-Counter weight loss apps

The menus of this app are easy to navigate. You can simply scroll down to see how many grams of carbs, fat or protein is left for the day and what all vitamins are missing. My Diet Diary also tracks your water intake as it is of utmost importance. The app plays the role of a nagging friend too and will remind you when you have to eat or exercise. It is available on both iOS and Android

5) Calorie counter and diet tracker

Calorie-Count weight loss app

This app has a voice activation feature. If you say ‘cheese sandwich’ it will record the calories you ingested from the meal. It has a barcode scanner to that helps getting the exact nutrition from packaged food. You get very accurate break downs this way. You can set goals too. The app will give you grades at the end of the day based on your nutritional performance and also your capability to stick to goals. Available for both iOS and Android.

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