Weight Loss Benefits Of Cumin Seeds (jeera)


Weight Loss Benefits Of Cumin Seeds (jeera)

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The much used jeera or cumin seeds have a lot of health and weight loss benefits to offer. The cooking spice is used a lot in Asian, African and Latin American cuisine.

Cumin for weight loss

Cumin seeds are the world’s second most popular spice in the world. They are available as whole seeds or as a powder. Egypt has the best quality cumin in the world. Cumin seeds are similar to caraway seeds and are added to a lot of dishes for their distinct flavour. Stews, soups, vegetables, non-veg dishes and almost everything else tastes good with a bit of jeera!

Health benefits of cumin

  • Iron is an essential part of hemoglobin and digestive/metabolic enzymes. Cumin being rich in iron helps in digestion, providing oxygen to body tissues, producing energy and boosting the immune system.
  • It also has anti-cancer properties in it. It is known to be effective in preventing cancers of the liver and stomach in animals.
  • Cumin consumption helps trigger pancreatic enzymes that are important for digestion and assimilation of nutrients. It also triggers some detoxification enzymes.
  • It helps those who suffer from diseases of the kidney, asthma and arthritis.
  • Cumin is beneficial in sharpening one’s memory. It improves levels of concentration and is of much help to those who suffer from insomnia.

I know you are waiting to hear its weight loss benefits, I was just trying to keep the best for the last! No more waiting here you go!

Weight loss benefits of cumin seeds

Cumin is known to increase the heat of the body. This way it increases the body’s metabolic rate. When the metabolism is becomes more efficient, it can help in weight loss. Cumin is used along with other spices like fenugreek, pepper, ginger and turmeric in Indian kitchens. When used in this way, it works as a great digestive aid. It improves the process of digestion that helps in better absorption an assimilation of nutrients by the body. Cumin results in weight loss as it prevents storage of fat by the body.

Fat burning and cumin

By nature cumin is fat busting. It burns fats from the abdomen at a rapid rate. It can also improve the body’s ability to burn fat by a cool 25 percent. Cumin also improves digestion and protects the body from diseases. For maximum weight loss it should be taken along with other spices like fennel, fresh ginger, anise and mustard. Luckily in Indian cooking we include a lot of these by default.

Cumin also speeds up the removal of waste from the body. As the digestive process is improved and there is no waste accumulation of waste in the body, cumin helps in weight loss.

Cumin should be included in one’s daily diet as it helps boost the immune system and increases the body’s rate of metabolism. It burns fat faster and helps in detoxifying the body. An added advantage of cumin is that it does not have any side effects and can be consumed by people with various medical conditions and from different walks of life.

How to make jeera water?

Jeera water for weight loss

To four litres of water add a tsp of jeera and allow it to boil till it reduces to 2 litres. After boiling remove it from the flame and keep it covered. You can drink it whenever you are thirsty and also after a meal. It would be better if you drink it warm. In Kerala, this jeera water is consumed on a regular basis for good health.

When you want to have it as a medicine when you are unwell, just add a tsp to 1 glass of water and boil. Strain this and drink this jeera tea.

Planning to include more cumin in your diet to lose weight?

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