Weight Loss Depends On Days Of The Week|Research


Weight Loss Depends On Days Of The Week|Research

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You wake up on Monday morning and have your bath. You step on the weighing scale and are aghast! You just put on a few more kilos!!! Oh no! 🙁 Is this your story? Yes, people tend to gain weight on weekends and lose it on weekdays. Just like how you have sleep cycles, there are weight loss cycles too. The slim people can be differentiated from the heavy ones not by how much more weight they gain during weekends but how much they lose on weekdays. A study has been conducted by Cornell University in collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Tampere University of Technology. The study’s aim was to have a look at the effect of the 7-days-a-week human cycle on body weight.

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The study

Eighty adults took part in the study and their ages ranged from 25 to 62 years. Categories of individuals were made according to weight changes. So there were 3 groups:

  • Weight losers
  • Weight gainers
  • Weight maintainers

All the participants were asked get themselves weighed each morning before breakfast. Only the weight measurements made over at least 7 consecutive days were included in the analysis. The main aim of the study was to check whether fluctuation of weight depends upon the days of the week. Analysis of weekly weight patterns was done across the 3 groups i.e. weight losers, weight watchers and weight gainers.


The results of the study revealed an obvious pattern in the weekly weight fluctuation with more weight after weekends and decreasing weight during weekdays with Friday being the lowest! The researchers unexpectedly found a difference between weight gainers and weight losers in the fluctuation patterns. Weight losers had a pattern that showed a reduction in weight immediately after weekend and which continued till Friday. On the other hand, weight gainers had a no clear decrease during weekdays and more variability between days.

Weight losers were able to reach the week’s max weight on Sunday and Monday in 59% of the cases and the week’s minimum in on Friday or Saturday in 60% of the cases. Talking about the weight gainers such a pattern was not seen. Maximum and minimum weight did not appear in a systematic manner on certain days but were distributed evenly throughout the week.

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Based on the results of the study, the variation of weight between weekdays and weekends should be treated as normal instead of weight gain. During weekends people have the luxury of time to go out and they end up eating more. A little bit of indulging during weekends is not bad at all but if you want successful weight loss, you should notice the weight rhythms and take initiative in reversing the increase in weight after weekend. Successful control of weight in the long run is possible only if you are not very strict with your diet and allow short term indulging.

Here are a few pointers from the study for your convenience:

  • Every individual’s weight follows a weekly rhythm that is predictable. You gain during weekend and lose a bit during weekdays.
  • On Sunday night your weight is the maximum and on Friday morning it is the least.
  • If the gap between Sunday night’s weight and Friday morning’s weight is big, you are likely to lose weight over the coming year.
  • Weight losers tend to lose weight during weekdays.

Do you too feel that weight loss depends on the days of the week? Share your thoughts!

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