Weight Loss Exercises To Reduce Inflammation


Weight Loss Exercises To Reduce Inflammation


I had been really wondering if there is anything that can be done to lose weight and control inflammation too. We all know that inflammation and weight are the best buddies. Reducing weight helps in reducing inflammation while with inflammation it is really difficult to workout to lose weight. Nasty cycle… isn’t it?

What do you usually do to reduce inflammation?

  • Turn to a healthy diet

  • Go in for massages

  • Take hot water baths.

There is nothing wrong in this but there is another effective way to bring down inflammation. One study found that those who exercised for two and a half hours a week witnessed a 12% reduction in inflammation.

Inflammation- Diseases begin in the gut

Weight Loss Exercises that help reduce inflammation

1) Walking

women walking- How To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

Going for a light walk is a great way to recover from inflammation, whether it is due to extra weight or something else. People who had a tough workout are often advised to ease up a little by going for a walk.

Walking is indeed a great way to help in muscle recovery and weight loss. It helps in bringing down the inflammation in the body by sending a fresh supply of blood and oxygen all over the body. Walking helps pump up the lymphatic system to remove waste from the body and help bring the digestive system as well as weight loss back on track.

Weight loss benefits of walking can be found here – Click!

2) Hike

hiking- how to get fit without stepping into the gym

Take your walk a notch higher. Get drenched in the beauty of nature by going for a hike. All you need to do is search for a good trail, bring a friend along and get going into the woods for an hour long hiking. Similar to walking, the easy kind of hiking helps in stimulating weight loss, muscle recovery and rebooting the system. The bonus point you earn is the time you spend with nature! Being with the lush green trees helps in lowering the body’s cortisol stress-response by about 20% according to studies.

3) Foam rolling

Foam Roller Exercise

Foam rolling does not have any core-strengthening benefits but it is considered to be a great recovery tactic. The reason behind this is the ability of the activity to reduce muscle soreness, improve sleep and increase flexibility. It also helps with digestion and lowers inflammation.

In order to bring down inflammation with a foam roller, you need to lie down on the roller and make use of gravity in order to apply pressure on the affected muscle. Learn more about foam rolling and its benefits here – click!

4) Practice yoga, meditation and deep breathing

man-doing-yoga Health and Fitness Tips for Men Over 30

Yoga for reducing inflammation and weight loss is not surprising at all! Both deep breathing and yoga are wonderful inflammation-busting tactics. Controlled deep breathing and meditation help in bringing you in a state of mental and physical relaxation. It is immensely helpful in reducing inflammation in the body and in turn helping in weight loss.

Yoga is as ancient as our Indian heritage and is very effective in treating several kinds of bodily ailments. All you need to do is to allot sometime to yoga and meditation from your busy schedule. Sit down every morning and evening and meditate for a good fifteen minutes! This will help you in many ways. It will bring forth the mind, body and soul connection.

Do you have inflammation! Try weight loss exercises to reduce inflammation.

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