My Weight Loss Journey


My Weight Loss Journey


A lot of you questioned my rice diet , remember ? No ? Read it here. Since I did not know I was suffering with thyroid, last 4 months went in vain and I did not shed weight :(.  You should always get regular tests done, read about them here. Hence, I have just begun my full fledged and planned weight loss journey.

My Weight Loss Journey

I am sharing with you a few updates about last month’s progress so far , to keep myself motivated and encourage you to keep going ! I have hardly eaten wheat since 40 days. As far as I remember, I have had 4 chapaatis so far ! I thought I won’t be able to sustain but thankfully I did. Its extremely difficult for a North Indian especially a vegetarian to shun wheat. There is a saying in Hindi – Ek to Karela, upar se neemchadda :P. Hope you got the point 😉

I don’t crave for carbs anymore , yeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 . Even when I am stressed, my mind does not wander and I don’t think about Pizza or Pasta. In a way, the last month has brought an emotional detachment from food in me. This is a big thing for a foodie like me. Now, I can actually watch people eating delicious food ( read carbs ) without asking them to give me a bite 😉

A few days back, I lost control and ate one ajwaain parantha. My head started to ache. The same happened again another day. I can only infer that excess carbs make my head buzz. Good or bad ? I don’t know, time will tell !

I feel my energy levels have gone high. I don’t feel tired unlike before. This might be because my anemia is under control and I am taking protein supplements.

Have no clue about my weight, my dietician has robbed my weighing scale and I am not allowed to use the same even in gym!

I have been eating the same kind of food since 40 days. I am bored but still manage to eat. This has inculcated much needed discipline in my eating habits.

My sleep is proper, Thank God for that !

I don”t crave sugar after meals like before. No sugar cravings at all 🙂 !

Facing a lot of hair fall despite eating protein 🙁 . This could be due to the diet changes. I am starting another supplement this week which contains biotin, hopefully this hair fall problem would be resolved soon, Amen !

My skin has improved, although its been 2 months since my last facial and God knows when I had scrubbed or put a face pack. My weight loss madness has caused backdoor to my beauty rituals :P. I plan to hit the parlor soon, fingers crossed !

My appetite has reduced a lotttttttt , whoa ! This is because of nuts and protein intake every couple of hours.

Finally, I have given up ! Here a few of my pics. I thought I would share my pics when there is a significant progress in my weight loss journey, but since a lot of you wanted to see your weight loss blogger, here I am 🙂 ! No bad comments allowed 😛 !

My Weight Loss Journey

Lots Of Love


P.S – I am known for making faces, so please excuse ! If you don’t like to read my boring updates, let me know 🙂

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    • I can do anything to get my health back .. N of course figure 🙂
      Initially I craved, wheat is an addiction. Now I don’t feel the need to eat. BTW, your rice query is solved, will solve the rest too, for your vacation 🙂

  1. wow! so here you are …welcome to the low carb club…I also suffered from lot of hair loss initially for 2-3 months …but later on my hair became thick and longer to stay put..u r going great 🙂

  2. You look so cute Tarun & Kudos to you for keeping up with your diet 🙂 I love having rotis much more than eating rice, wonder how you’re managing! But how does wheat affect thyroid?

    • Niharika, thanks for your support dear. Wheat has no direct relationship with thyroid, your capacity to digest glutten is affected. My weight did not budge when taking wheat no matter how hard I tried

  3. Hi Anamika, Tarun and rest of WISE SHE team…m one of ur great fan and absolutely love ur blog muahhhhh…

    Anamika I dotn have hairfall issue but I have very thin and less hair and also the length is same from past 3 years ..can u pls help me,,also m 5′ 4 and weight 72 can you please help me in getting a gud diet plan..m a vegan

    • Kristina, thanks a lot dear, you are very kind 🙂 . i am about to start a supplement which promotes hair growth, i will have to use it for a month before reviewing. Stay tuned for it. For now, start taking biotin, its easily available at any chemist shop.

  4. Hey sweetie,please share your diet that you are following…Im overweight by 12kgs 😛 Im insomniac…as u can see,it’s 4:30 am yet “sleep” and I have some light years distance between us….I do yoga everyday,but my craving for chocolates isnt decreasin…pls pls plssssssssssss mail me the diet u r following

  5. Hi Five on your weight loss Tarun !! You guys are doing a great job with the blog . However ,If you don’t mind ,I had one doubt regarding your diet plans – Is it sustainable ? I mean it may sound great to follow it for a month or so ,and see some visible results ,but what afterwards ? Frankly I cannot imagine sitting and eating brown rice ,day in and day out ..would’t it be too boring ?? 🙂 Plus in my opinion ,these diets might work well in cases where emergency weight reduction is required – for example due to a medical condition or something ,but otherwise I would anyday root for a more holistic approach towards nutrition ,coupled with good amount of exercise . Anyway congrats again !!

    • Gauri, I am doing my weight loss with a personal qualified nutritionist. I believe that she has all the knowledge required about nutrition.
      I am doing this since 2 months, so by far it is sustainable. As fat as medical problems are concerned, 9 out of 10 people have it, just that they are not aware of it. I understand that it gets boring sometimes but if you are trying to put a point that wheat is healthy, n you eat roti everyday without getting bored , then I don’t know what to say 🙂

  6. Hi Tarun,You are looking gr8.You are so inspiring and give us so much of useful information.Thanks dear.Just one query…for protein what do u have other than eggs,chickpeas and tofu/paneer.Do u have whey protein shake?


  7. Hi Tarun ,read your blog, I have also started my weight loss journey, can u please guide me on protein supplement in connection with weight loss. And also I have to come down 30 kg weight so what exactly I should do. Internet is too confusing, my thinking is if I am working out will I loose with the help of supplements n a proper diet.

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